The Top 5 Comics That You Should Look Out For On September 25 2013

Wolverine and the X-Men #36

Milo, aka “Bane of Kings”, runs down the Top 5 comics that you should be looking out for on September 25 2013.

Welcome to another Wednesday, and another New Comic Book Day. This week, we have some very impressive releases from Villains Month as it enters its final week whilst  Battle of the Atom continues over at Marvel. I haven’t got a comprehensive list of the books shipping this week here, but you can head over to ComicList to find out more. Along with Batman Beyond Universe #2 and Batman and Robin #23.3, you can find my books that I’m getting for this week here. And feel free to let me know what you’re picking up this week in the comments section below!


Batman #23.4

Story: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Graham Nolan | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99 (3D) / $2.99 (2D)

Batman is gone, and the inmates of Arkham Asylum are running wild in the streets! Bane is in Gotham City with one goal…to take it over no matter who he has to break!

WHY? Bane is one of the Batman villains that I’ve encountered the most in various different forms of media. I’ve seen him in Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, The Dark Knight Rises, Knightfall Volume 1 and even episode 3 of Young Justice, which I’ve started watching recently – and was somewhat disappointed as to how underpowered he was treated there – I mean, he pretty much didn’t prove a challenge for the young sidekicks yet he was able to break Batman’s back. He’s been portrayed as a very strong, formidable force though in the Talon ongoing series, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in his own book, especially as it could set up the Forever Evil: Arkham War mini-series next month. 


Justice League #23.4

Story: Geoff Johns , Sterling Gates | Art: Szymon Kudranski | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99 (3D)  / $2.99 (2D)

An army of super villains has been built throughout The New 52 during 2013—but for what purpose? Learn about the villains that have paved the way for the world of FOREVER EVIL. 

WHY? I was really excited for this one until I found out that the artist was Szymon Kudranski. He’s the sole reason why I have considered dropping Talon from my pulllist (and I am relieved that he was only on for one issue), and is probably one of the artists whose work I don’t like the most. However, the preview pages on IGN looked interesting and I’d love a Crime Syndicate of America ongoing series following Forever Evil, so I’ll check this out. It’ll be interesting to see what Earth 3 looks like as well.


The Wake #4

Story: Scott Snyder | Art: Sean Murphy | Publisher: Vertigo Comics | Price: $2.99

Trapped…drowning…dying…could things get worse for Doctor Lee Archer and her team? Yes, they could. Much worse, in fact. Turns out the shocking discovery of the creature was only the beginning. Vertigo’s hit new series continues!

WHY? Whilst The Wake may be the only creator-owned book that I’m getting this month, it’s probably the one that I’m looking forward to the most. Taking a break for a month, like Hawkeye before it, my anticipation has been driven into very excited levels  and this could easily be my pick of the week. It feels like ages since we last had a Scott Snyder book with no Superman Unchained and Batman to look forward to this month because of Villain’s Month, and that’s why The Wake will come as a welcome relief as he is one of my favourite comics writers in the business right now.


Wolverine and the X-Men #36

Story: Jason Aaron | Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Andrew Curry | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99


• The end of the first month ends with a huge twist! NO SPOILERS!

• The fate of the All-New X-Men is decided here!

WHY? With Villain’s Month going on over at DC, sometimes it’s difficult to pay attention to anything else that’s going on. Luckily, Marvel haven’t made that as difficult as it could have been with Battle of the Atom, realising a very awesome cover art for the issue that I’m sure has the potential to get this event back on track. It’s started to go downhill over the past two issues, and I’m hoping that Jason Aaron can set it back on track, especially with his high quality record from Wolverine and the X-Men and Thor: God of Thunder. 


Young Avengers #10

Story: Kieron Gillan | Art: Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $2.99

• It’s Mother’s Day. Don’t worry. You won’t forget. She won’t let you.

• Who’s bringing Mother presents?

WHY? Young Avengers is one of my favourite Marvel books at the moment, along with Daredevil, X-Men, Hawkeye and Thor: God of Thunder and I’m really looking forward to this issue. Kieron Gillan is superb on this series and I can’t wait to see where it goes. This could very well end up being another pick of the week as well, in a week that I’m sure will have very high competition from other strong series.

Milo, aka Bane of Kings, is a SFF/Comic reader, and a prolific reviewer who can be found on many places on the internet usually under the same username – when he’s not trying to catch up on the many seasons of Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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