Trinity War: Cover Art Part 1

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Shadowhawk takes a look at some of the linked artworks for DC’s Trinity War event.

“There’s only one word that encapsulates the feel and effect of these covers: fanfrikkintasticallyawesome.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

I’ve talked about “Trinity War” here and there a little bit. Essentially, for me, it is shaping up to be a really fun event. Having read Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 and Justice League #22 I can’t wait to really get into the entire arc. I also need to catch up on my Justice League Dark reading. I’ve read the first arc only so far, and there are two more full arcs to go before I can be conversant enough with the heroes and villains of the series before I start reading the Trinity War” issues.

One of the most fun things about this crossover event is the cover art for the three Justice League books: Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark. The artwork is a giant mosaic of the heroes and heroines from all three books, perfectly encapsulating what the event and the issues are all about.

Trinity War 01

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This is the cover mosaic for the August issues. The tableau of pair-offs here is really interesting. Superman vs Green Arrow and Green Lantern both. Wonder Woman vs John Constantine. Boston Brand vs Martian Manhunter. Vibe and Stargirl vs Firestorm. Katana vs Cyborg. And so on. And of course, don’t miss Atom right there next to Pandora, who is the focus of the entire scene around her. I think it reflects really well on her character. She is surrounded by the results of her one mistake, a mistake she was lured into making. The world is going to hell and she is the only one who has even the inkling of how to restore things to balance.

And as a final comment, how can you miss both the Phantom Stranger and The Question there? With Pandora and Phantom Stranger both already having their own titles, I’m really hoping that The Question gets his own title soon as well. With September’s “Forever Evil” event, which is resulting from the aftermath of “Trinity War” itself, it is a great time to see some new comics out from DC. I would definitely be the first in line for this title!

Trinity War 02

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And this is the mosaic cover for August’s issues. A very different tone and style than the previous cover, and frankly, not as good. Mostly for the reason that all of the male heroes appear to have the same jutting chin and facial design. There’s little to no difference between them. The angles are all the same. But still, it maintains a thematic consistency with the previous cover. Where the July cover had Pandora holding the Pandora’s Box, this time the open Pandora’s Box is looking straight at her and she is the central figure.

Where the previous cover was packed with action, this one is more sedate. There isn’t the same kind of intensity to it because its not easy to see the body language here. Perhaps that’s telling. In and of itself, I really like the cover, and I can’t wait to see the final covers for the individual issues.

Fun times ahead!

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