Top Marvel Comics For July [Bane of Kings]

Guardians of the Galaxy #5

In comparison to Shadowhawk’s look at DC Comics’ upcoming July Comics, Bane of Kings runs down a list of Marvel titles hitting shelves in July 2013, with a focus on single issues as well as graphic novels. 

There are several good things coming your way this July if you’re a Marvel fan. Avengers A.I debuts, the fan-favourite  Hawkeye  series by Matt Fraction gets its first Annual, and the events of Avengers vs. X-Men are retold in a mini-series entiled What if? Avx,  by DC Comics veteran Jimmy Palmiotti. Whilst there may be nothing as universe-shattering as DC’s Trinity War, it seems that this is the month where Marvel are inbetween events – Age of Ultron wrapped up with an uninspiring conclusion last week, but there are high hopes for August’s Infinity. 

Graphic Novels released this month see Uncanny X-Men Volume 1: Revolution, Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Event among other titles hit shelves, among more adult orientated titles such as the first volume of Wolverine MAX. But what are you looking forward to, and are there any comics that I’ve missed? If you’re a DC fan, you can check out the previous list from Shadowhawk here. But this list is exclusively Marvel titles, so let’s crack on with it:

JULY 3 2013


Avengers A.I. #1

Avengers A.I. #1

Writer: Sam Humphries | Art: Andre Araujo | Cover: Andre Araujo


The triumph of Hank Pym turns to tragedy for the human race…an unfathomable Pandora’s Box of destruction!
When a brave new world is unleashed, only one team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can save us from the future – AVENGERS A.I.!
The AGE OF ULTRON is over! The AGE OF A.I. is NOW!
WHY? Well, despite the mess that was Age of Ultron, Avengers A.I. actually looks pretty interesting. The team members I haven’t encountered before aside from The Vision’s confrontation with Scarlet Witch in Avengers vs. X-Men #0, so it could be interesting especially as the lead writer of this series is different from the one who was writing Age of Ultron. The £2.75/$2.99 pricetag always helps matters as well.

Daredevil: Dark Nights #2 (of #8)

Daredevil Dark Nights #2

Writer: Lee Weeks | Art: Lee Weeks | Cover: Lee Weeks

A gorgeous new series featuring the greatest talents in comics brings you the rest of the Man Without Fear’s story!

The mother-of-all blizzards has completely shut down NYC, Daredevil’s recovering from a severe concussion – and is the only hope for a little girl in desperate need of a heart transplant!

Daredevil Legend Lee Weeks returns for Angels Unaware!

WHY? The Comics Store was late in shipping out Dark Nights #1, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it when it did turn up, and I really, really enjoyed it. Daredevil is fast shaping up to be one of my favourite Marvel characters at the moment, especially as I haven’t seen a bad book with him in as the main character so far. The fact that Lee Weeks is doing both art and story is awesome, and it gives the series a very distinctive feel. Pick up #1 whilst we’re only two issues in, and get on board this book!


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1

Writer: Nick Spencer | Art: Steve Lieber | Cover: Marcos Martin

Boomerang and some of Spidey’s deadliest baddies prove that with terrible powers come terrible responsibilities!

WHY? Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man is one of the strongest titles of Marvel Now! so far, and The Superior Foes of Spider-Man certainly looks interesting – especially given Nick Spencer’s track record, as his issues that I had the chance to read of Secret Avengers were pretty good, and I’ll be interested to see where he takes some of Spidey’s villains who I haven’t really encountered before outside of Superior Spider-Man. 

What If AvX? #1 (of #4)

What if Avx #1

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti | Art: Jorge Molina

The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men… but what if the story had gone differently?

The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

 Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!

WHY? If Age of Ultron was my least favourite Marvel Event, then Avengers vs. X-Men was my second. (Out of two, I should point out.) The creative team behind it was incredible and I really hoped that given the concept, they’d pull off something special, but sadly it was not to be. However, in steps Jimmy Palmiotti, with a slightly less-hyped four issue miniseries that gives Marvel another chance at retelling the AvX saga, and given the fact that whilst his and Justin Gray’s All Star Western was somewhat of a let down, I’m certainly interested to see what spin he can put on the original storyline. Here’s hoping that it’ll be better than that, though.


Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1: Revolution

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Chris Bachalo | Cover: Chris Bachalo

The true flagship X-Men series returns.

WHY? I’ve actually read all of the issues individually for this series, and I can safely say that it’s pretty awesome. It ties into All New X-Men and manages to take characters who I should hate (and still do, in Cyclops’ case) and turn them into ones that I like and enjoy.  Chris Bachalo’s art is stunning, and the cover is just awesome – like I did with All New X-Men, I’m certainly tempted to get the TPB. Oh, and I should also point out that I wanted to include the Daredevil: End of Days Hardcover on this list as well, but couldn’t find any pictures for it on the internet. 



Daredevil #28

Daredevil #28

Writer: Mark Waid | Art: Chris Samnee | Cover: Chris Samnee

There was one man young Daredevil feared and now Matt Murdock is representing him in court.

WHY? I’ve only been reading Daredevil from #26 onwards, and I’ve loved both previous issues. Mark Waid is a fantastic writer and Samnee is a really strong artist even if I’m not a big fan of the Cover Art for this issue. The book is one of the cheaper series coming out from Marvel at the moment, and that really helps when I look at my comics and budget. The storyline is epic despite the fact that I’m lost as to who some of the characters are, but the solicit for this issue certainly looks pretty good.

Hawkeye #12

Hawkeye #12

Writer: Matt Fraction | Art: Franceso Francavilla | Cover: Franceso Francavilla

The sleeper hit of 2012 is now the can’t miss book of 2013 (and probably the overhyped book you’re sick of people talking about in 2014!)

Reeling from the events of the last issue, even Hawkeye wants to know what his new status quo is. Who’s with him? Who’s against him? Who’s trying to kill him and why? So many dang questions!

And just when Clint’s rock bottom couldn’t arrive fast enough… “Then Came Barney”

WHY? Whilst it took me a couple of reads to get used to Francavilla’s artwork in #10, I found myself really enjoying it on a second read, and his artwork in Batwoman #21 was spectacular, so hopefully he’ll deliver in the second issue of Hawkeye featured in this preview, and I’ll certainly be picking this book up for sure. Looks incredible.

Superior Spider-Man #13

Superior Spider-Man #13

Writer: Dan Slott | Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli | Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Part Three of “No Escape”!

Superior Spider-Man teams up with the Lizard!

Mayor Jameson demands that Spider-Man KILL the Spider-Slayer!

WHY? Dan Slott is awesome, and I’m really looking forward to the finale of this three-issue arc, which has a very interesting cover indeed – posing a potential team up with Superior Spidey and the Lizard. How they team up is anyone’s guess, but it’ll certainly be interesting to watch events unfold. An awesome Marvel Now! title that you should be reading, Superior Spider-Man really kicks ass.

Uncanny X-Men #8

Uncanny X-Men #8

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Frazer Irving | Cover: Frazer Irving

School is in Session!

Last issue, the Uncanny X-Men saw what can happen with no control over their powers. It cannot happen again.

 Plus, Cyclops and Magneto finally have it out!

WHY? Brian Michael Bendis’ Uncanny X-Men is an incredible series, and I was gutted when my store didn’t have any copies that had shipped last Wednesday of #7, so I’m going to have to hope that some copies come in sooner enough. This is a really awesome series, and I love the way that it ties in to Uncanny Avengers and All New X-Men as well.

Young Avengers #7

Young Avengers #7

Writer: Kieron Gillen | Art: Kate Brown | Cover: Jamie McKelvie

Three months have passed for the Young Avengers. What have they been up to? Fun stuff, I’ll bet. The sort of “stuff” that makes an excellent super hero comic. THIS IS TRUTH WITH A CAPITAL EVERYTHING.

 A very important breakfast. A new Young Avenger. A selection of emotions.

 Oh – I bet you thought we forgot about those Skrulls from issue 1. We haven’t.

WHY? If I had to pick one Marvel Book that I’m not following yet that I wish I could but can’t due to budget, then it’s Young Avengers. It’s been receiving nothing but high praise, and it looks really awesome – #1 was really strong when I read it as part of Comixology’s free 700 issue promotion. I’m certainly picking up Volume 1 in Trade Paperback when I can.


Avengers Vol.2: Last White Event 

Avengers Vol. 2

Writer: Jonathan Hickman | Art: Dustin Weaver | Cover: Dustin Weaver

The Avengers scramble to deal with the threat of another Universal System as the New Adam’s true self is revealed – and the most dangerous hero on Earth is created. As the Avengers face the World Breaker and discover the imminent threat to the Avengers World, the hidden connections between the events of AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS are slowly revealed. What good is a White Event if it destroys the planet it was meant to transform? Plus, the Avengers discover Canadian super-team Omega Flight got lost in a Garden Origin Site – and learn why ‘adaptation’ is the scariest word in the Marvel Universe!

WHY? I’ve been participating in an ongoing digital trade with a Comic Book Rescources forum member for Avengers, which recently came to an end when he dropped it for Wolverine and the X-Men instead, but this series has been pretty standard. It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t feel like an Avengers book, but if you like Jonathan Hickman, then you’ll enjoy it.


All New X-Men #14

All New X-Men #14

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Stuart Immonen | Cover: Stuart Immonen

Jean Grey vs. Mastermind! 

Years ago, one run in with this famous Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member was the beginning of the end of Jean Grey. 

Will history repeat itself?

WHY? All New X-Men is one of my favourite Marvel Now! Series, and given the cliffhanger ending of #13, #14 is probably going to be my most anticipated read of the week that it’s released for Marvel Comics. Stuart Immonen is a superb artist, and Bendis proves to excel in all non-Age of Ultron related books. This series is strong and consistent, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.


Avengers #16

Avengers #16

Writer: Jonathan Hickman | Art: Stefano Caseli | Cover: Leinil Francis Yu


Prelude to INFINITY: Part Three.

The battle between the Avengers and Mad Earth heats up.

Whatever happened to Ex Nihilo and Abyss, and for that matter, Starbrand and Nightmask as well?

WHY? I’m going to apply the same thing to the previous graphic novel that I am to this issue, only going to add that it’s part of the build-up to Infinity, the next big Marvel event that I’m really looking forward to. It’ll also be my first big event comic not written by Brian Michael Bendis, so we’ll see how it goes for sure.

Nova #6

Nova #6

Writer: Jeph Loeb | Art: Ed McGuinness | Cover: Ed McGuinness

Now that we’ve seen his origin, there’s only one thing standing between Nova and being an Avenger…

He needs to ask his mom.

WHY? I’ve had to drop Nova due to budget issues, but this series looks really promising and I’d love to see it develop further, the story is interesting and Loeb writes a lot better than the last book that I’ve read by him, which was Avengers: X-Sanction. If you’re a cosmic Marvel fan, then you should really enjoy this series.

Thor: God of Thunder #10

Thor God of Thunder #10

Writer: Jason Aaron | Art: Esad Ribic | Cover: Esad Ribic

GODBOMB – Part Four of Five

The penultimate chapter in the saga of the God Butcher.

Thus comes the final battle against Gorr, as three Thors lead an army of slave gods in the fight to save all of divinity.

But will it all be for naught…as the massive Godbomb is triggered at last…?

WHY? Thor: God of Thunder is one of the best ongoing series at Marvel Now!, coming in close behind Hawkeye and All New X-Men, and Jason Aaron really kills it with this series. The art by Esad Ribic is fantastic, and the current Godbomb story arc is great as well. If you’re not reading this series, you should be.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #25

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #25

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: David Marquez | Cover: David Marquez


Will the surprising appearance of new heroes CLOAK AND DAGGER be enough to bring miles back into the super hero fold?

More young heroes debut! Who will they be?

WHY? I’ve read the first Volume of Ultimate Comics: Spiderman, and it really impressed me. Miles Morales was a very good character, and I’m really looking forward to catching up on this series when I can.

What If AvX? #2 (of #4)

What if Avx #2

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti | Art: Jorge Molina

The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men… but what if the story had gone differently?

 The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!

WHY? See my reasoning for #1. I’m very excited to see how this one develops.


 Wolverine MAX Vol. 1: Permanent Rage

Wolverine MAX Vol. 1

Writer: Jason Starr | Art: Connor Willumsen | Cover: Jock

Your favorite X-Man the way you want him – in a no-holds-barred MAX series written by award-winning crime novelist Jason Starr! In Tokyo, Logan gets pulled into a terrorist’s plot – or was he the target all along? In the aftermath of a plane crash that wiped his memory, the man known as Wolverine investigates his own past – and uncovers things he didn’t want to know! Who are Victor Creed and Mariko Yashida? What do they mean to Wolverine, and what dirty secrets are both hiding? Framed for Creed’s vicious acts, Logan becomes Public Enemy No. 1 – but when the chance to face Creed in a final showdown comes, Logan knows he must learn the full truth about himself, about Mariko…and about what, exactly, happened on that plane. Collecting WOLVERINE MAX #1-5.

WHY? I’ve never heard of Jason Starr or Connor Willumsen before, but a Wolverine title that is not restricted by age limits sounds like the perfect fit for the character. I’ll certainly try and pick this up when I can – it looks very interesting indeed.



Guardians of the Galaxy #5

Guardians of the Galaxy #5

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Neil Gaiman | Art: Sara Pichelli | Cover: Sara Pichelli

Spinning out of the dramatic conclusion of Age of Ultron, dimensions collide and Heaven’s most fearsome Angel pushes the Guardians back on their heels.

WHY? Neil Gaiman doing comics, and not just any comic – but Guardians of the Galaxy, is something that I am so, so on board for. I’ve loved his novels and whilst I’ve only read Sandman Volume 1 of his in the comics side (although I have read American Gods The Ocean at the End of the Lane, it’s awesome enough to get me looking forward to this book, and it could well end up being one of the most anticipated issues of July 2013.

Hawkeye #13

Hawkeye #13

Writer: Matt Fraction | Art: David Aja | Cover: David Aja

Fraction and Aja continue the surprise comic hit of the century!

After a lifetime of decisions both good and bad, Clint and Barney Barton have to realize they are brothers and ultimately, they’re the only ones who can save one another. I mean if they don’t kill each other first.

Good luck with that, Barton brothers.

WHY? Because it’s Hawkeye, Fraction & Aja. It’ll be very interesting to see how the Clint & Barney plot develops, and I’m certainly going to be on board for this.

Superior Spider-Man #14

Superior Spider-Man #14

Writer: Dan Slott | Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli | Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli

It’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MONTH as the biggest new book of the year brings you its biggest twist yet!

The Superior Spider-Man takes down Shadowland.

All of it. To the ground.

WHY? I’m not familiar with the Shadowland, but more Superior Spidey is always good. I’ll be on board for this for sure.

Uncanny Avengers #10

Uncanny Avengers #10

Writer: Rick Remender | Art: Acu

Ragnarök Now continues!


WHY? Uncanny Avengers is my favourite Avengers-focused series and Remender is a pretty awesome writer. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this one develops for sure.

What if? AvX #3 (of #4)

What if Avx #3

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti | Art: Jorge Molina

The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men… but what if the story had gone differently?

The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!

WHY? You can see previous explanations for the What if? Avx for why I’m interested in this series.

X-Men #3

X-Men #3

Writer: Brian Wood | Art: Oliver Coipel | Cover: Amanda Conner

The X-Men find out what Arkea is capable of, and the phrase “rampaging horde” comes to mind.

Can Arkea be defeated? Can the X-Men take down one of their own, if that’s what it takes?

Meanwhile, what’s up with Sublime and Rachel? What’s up with Bling and Cipher? What’s up with Jubilee and Bling?

WHY? Easily one of my favourite X-Men series right now even if it is only two issues in, I’m loving Wood’s take on an all female cast. Rogue and Kitty are awesome, and as it’s my first comic with Rachel & Psylocke (outside of a few issues of Uncanny X-Force), it’ll be interesting to see this develop.


Infinity Incoming

Infinity Incoming

Writer: Various | Art: Various | Cover: Jim Cheung

The grandest cosmic epic of all time looms on the horizon as Marvel marches toward Infinity! But how did Earth’s heroes reach this perilous tipping point? Learn the secret origin of the Inhumans, Marvel’s strangest and most isolated community. What are the mysteries surrounding the Terrigen Mist that gives them their uncanny abilities? Then, witness the boyhood of Thanos of Titan! How will his obsession with death change the Marvel Universe’s very nature? Finally, as the Avengers ‘go cosmic,’ putting together an expanded strikeforce to battle threats from the stars, the Illuminati work in secret to prevent incursions from other dimensions! All the threads come together as the Marvel Universe teeters on the brink of intergalactic war! Infinity is incoming! Collecting INHUMANS (1998) #2, THANOS RISING #1, AVENGERS (2012) #1-2, NEW AVENGERS (2013) #2 and material from THOR (1966) 146-149.

WHY? Infinity is shaping up to be the comic equivalent of a Summer Blockbuster movie, and what better to prepare yourself than picking up the Infinity Incoming Graphic Novel? It’ll be certainly interesting to see how all of these issues connect, that’s for sure.



Captain Marvel #14

Captain Marvel #14

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick | Art: Scott Hepburn | Cover: Joe Quinones

Part 5 of 5 of THE ENEMY WITHIN






WHY? Aside from Young Avengers, Captain Marvel is probably another title that I wish I could be following but can’t due to budget issues. It looks awesome, and the conclusion to the Captain Marvel/Avengers Assemble Crossover is probably something that people who have been enjoying it so far will want to check out.

Daredevil #29

daredevil #29

Writer: Mark Waid | Art: Chris Samnee | Cover: Chris Samnee

The minor demons of Matt Murdock’s past lead to some Daredevil sized present problems.

WHY? Mark Waid, Daredevil and Chris Samnee. This is a no brainer.

Fearless Defenders #7

Fearless Defenders #7

Writer: Cullen Bunn | Art: Will Sliney | Cover: Mark Brooks

I know. You’re still upset about issue 6. But stick with us for a status quo change so big we can’t actually show you anything!

Do not judge anyone’s safety by this cover.

WHY? I enjoyed the first two issues of Fearless Defenders, but could not continue it due to budget issues, and this is a series that you’ll want to be reading for sure though if the first two are anything to go by. Like X-Men, it’s an all female cast, and Cullen Bunn is a strong writer indeed.

Hawkeye Annual #1

Hawkeye Annual

Writer: Matt Fraction | Art: Javier Pulido | Cover: Javier Pulido

Go west, young lady! Kate Bishop heads to Los Angeles — to get away from New York, life, and Clint Barton-but NOT trouble!

But Madame Masque is hanging out at poolside with the rich and famous as well!

Who is Kate Bishop? Find out alongside Kate Bishop herself as a wild new status quo comes to HAWKEYE.

WHY? You’ll remember my review on Thursday where I claimed Hawkeye to be the best series of Marvel Now!, and whilst the Annual may be drawn by somebody who isn’t David Aja or Franceso Francavilla (according to the credits on Comixology’s Pullist website), I’m really going to be interested to see where this goes. More Hawkeye is always good, and a Kate Bishop-centric story is just what I need to learn more about the character who I’m pretty unfamiliar with.

Indestructible Hulk #11

Indestrutible Hulk #11

Writer: Mark Waid | Art: Matteo Scalera | Cover: Paolo Rivera


 Spinning out of the events of Age of Ultron!

Hulk’s sent on his most dangerous mission yet, working for a secret subdivision of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

History’s breaking–and only the Hulk is strong enough to hold it together!

WHY? I loved #1, but it’s another title that I couldn’t keep up on. It’ll be interesting to see how this spins out of the events of Age of Ultron, but for now – if you’ve been enjoying all of the issues of Indestructible Hulk, then I should see no reason why you won’t like this.

What if? Avx #4 (of #4)

What if Avx #4

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti | Art: Jorge Molina

The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men… but what if the story had gone differently

The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!

WHY? It’s always good when a mini-crossover series wraps up within a month, and it’ll be interesting to see the events unfold here. Did I mention that all the covers for this series look awesome?


Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1: Let it Bleed 

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1

Writer: Sam Humphries | Art: Ron Garney | Cover: Oliver Coipel

The X-Men have always been sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them. But the new Uncanny X-Force is charged to deal with situations the X-Men themselves hate and fear! Psylocke and Storm lead a team of outcasts and scoundrels – including fan-favorite Puck, the villainous Spiral and the mysterious Cluster. The first adversary to strike out from the darkness? X-legend Bishop! But what secrets does the man with the ‘M’ on his face bring from the future? How did he get his amazing new powers? And will X-Force be destroyed in its first battle? As Fantomex and Cluster undertake a secret side mission, Psylocke digs deep into Bishop’s head – and discovers the shocking truth! The darkest corners of the mutant universe are about to be exposed.

WHY? I’ve read the odd issue of this graphic novel and whilst it’s not quite what I was expecting, it’ll certainly be entertaining to read I think as a Collection, and Ron Garney’s art is pretty awesome. So I suggest it’s one that you look out for, based on what I’ve seen for sure.

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