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Momentum - Mr. Jack

Eroldren continues his spotlight review over Blizzard’s Heart of the Swarm short story series.

“A okay StarCraft story, however, the current predicament the lead character thrown into lacks substantial backstory.” – The Founding Fields

As the third grand prize winning author in Blizzard’s 2011 Global Writing Contest as the author of the StarCraft II submission known as “The Exit” Danny McAleese made a comeback. Like as Sarah Pine beforehand who was brought in to do freelance work for World of Warcraft as in the first GWC grand prize winner, so has Danny McAleese be brought back to tackle a second StarCraft II story.

Marius is a grizzled, old-school siege tank driver, every bit as tough as the neosteel shell of his vehicle. But when this hardened veteran comes face-to-face with a deadly target, his skills and his resolve are put to the ultimate test.

Captain Marius Blackwood, pilot of a Arclite-class siege tank racing to catch up with the retreating protoss to get payback for the death of fellow comrades. Seems a little cliché on one hand, yet throughout course you’ll get into Marius mindset and grow sympathetic for him on his past life and decease friends by the time you reach the end.

Aside from the life reflection Marius looks back upon, the action operating his siege tank against the protoss is entertaining enjoy to pull me through but nothing really special to highlight.

Whereas for looking out for flaws that left me mixed on the down points of “Momentum” was primarily the purpose behind the current situation Marius was caught up in. Details were ambiguous to I managed to pick up that we’re somewhere out in the wasteland regions of Moria, capital world of the Kel-Morian Combine has become the center of attention of invading protoss for unknown reasons. Why is that the case? Protoss are on Moria because…? We’re in the dark on that subject much to my dissatisfaction. A couple broad stoke speculations can be considered, however, plot point wasn’t the vital reasoning for telling “Momentum” and by extension, something to help support the general idea behind Marius’ revenge story. All I can hope is this seeded bit of Morian-action can be continued further in future expanded universe fiction and/or the StarCraft games themselves.

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Overall Verdict: 7/10


Eroldren, a SFF follower of both tie-in media and original works, enjoys rereading books frequently. So be warned, he might bring out sometimes his share of older and heavy duty titles alongside the newcomers.


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