Neverland’s Library Anthology – An Indiegogo Crowd-funding Project

Neverland's Library

Shadowhawk briefly talks about the Neverland’s Library Anthology crowd-funding project.

“A fantastic anthology, featuring several big-name authors, and helping to raise money for an educational charity in the process.” ~Shadowhawk

My blogger friends Roger and Rebecca recently announced their intention to self-publish a fantasy anthology, with part of the proceeds going to an educational charity called First Book. They’ve chosen Indiegogo as their platform of choice to crowd-fund this project.

So far, the two editors-in-making have brought together several debut authors from the last 2-3 years as contributors to the anthology and they are still taking submissions, till June 20th in fact. The TOC is beginning to look really interesting and the final product is something that I’m quite looking forward to as well.

You can check out the project details here, where you can find the full project goals, list of authors signed up so far, the excellent project video from Roger and Rebecca, as well as details on how to fund and what the available reward levels are.

Keep in mind that the project is live for roughly 37 hours more, so if you intend to contribute, now’s the time to do it!

One of the best things about this upcoming project is that the cover is just amazing. Gabriel Verdon has turned out something really eye-catching and has captured the feel of the project really well.

Neverland's Library

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