MEFCC Interview – Tim Seeley


In the second feature post about the upcoming 2nd Middle East Film and Comic Con, Shadowhawk interviews the current writer of Top Cow’s Witchblade comics.

Q&A with Tim Seeley

Shadowhawk: Let’s start with the basics. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into comics.

Tim: I grew up in rural Wisconsin, and first started reading comics when I was 5. I decided pretty much then that I wanted to make comics as a job someday, and I just stuck with it.

Tim SeeleyShadowhawk: You have worked on several properties over the years, especially the Hack/Slash and G.I.Joe comics, in all capacities – writer, penciller, cover artist. How do you approach each process?

Tim: As a kid, I didn’t really think of comcis in terms of separate jobs, but rather as “making comics,” so though I broke in” as a penciller, I was pretty determined to do everything eventually.

Shadowhawk: You are currently the writer for Top Cow’s ongoing Witchblade comics. How did that come about?

Tim: I’d been friends with the Top Cow guys for a few years, and had even drawn a cover for Witchblade at one point. When they were looking for a new writer after Ron’s epic run, I believe Eric Stephenson suggested me, and they were cool with that.

Shadowhawk: What attracts you the most about Witchblade and what can we expect from the series in the future, in the Rebirth era?

Tim: My favorite thing about the book is Sara herself. She’s a complex character, in a really well-established world. My plans for the series are just to really take advantage of all the good stuff that’s been set up for me, and too just keepp adding to it.

Shadowhawk: What are your thoughts on the comics industry in general and where do you see it going in the next few years?

Tim: I think we’re at one of the healthiest points we’ve been in a long time. I still think there’s too much reliance on superheroes as a genre, but there’s more diversity every month. I think digital distribution is helping get new readers, and I see only good things in the future!

Shadowhawk: How has your experience working with Top Cow/Image been over the last few years?

Tim: Great! I literally have NO complaints!

Shadowhawk: MEFCC 2013 is your first comics convention in the Middle East. What are you looking forwards to the most?

Tim: I always love seeing new places, and different cultures. I’m really curious about Dubai!

Shadowhawk: Any exciting things we can look forward to from you and Top Cow/Image at the event?

Tim: I’ll have prints for sale and I’ll be doing sketches! Come see me!


And that’s all we have for now people! There will be a post going up later today, in which I’ll cover some of the guests who are coming for the event, such as Manu Bennett of Spartacus/Arrow fame, Ioan Gruffudd of Fantastic Four, and Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings fame.

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I’ll be meeting Tim at MEFCC this weekend, so expect some con-stuff that weekend as well!

You can check out all the details for the 2nd Middle East Film & Comic Con here.

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