Exclusive Cover Reveal and Q&A: Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig (Angry Robot)


Thanks to the kind folks at Angry Robot Books, Shadowhawk and The Founding Fields once more present to you an exclusive cover reveal. Huge thanks to our own Larry “djinn24” Killian for negotiating the opportunity with Darren Turpin at Angry Robot.

“The best I can say about this cover is that artist Joey Hi-Fi has struck gold once again and delivered on another awesome cover for Angry Robot and for Chuck. Crazy awesome talent.” ~Shadowhawk

Once again, The Founding Fields has an Angry Robot exclusive cover reveal, making it our second such. This time we are bringing to you the first Mookie Pearl novel from Chuck Wendig, who has also written the two Miriam Black novels for Angry Robot, and has self-published quite a few titles, all of which have had a great amount of success. Without further ado, here’s the cover reveal (click on it for a larger version!), and also a short Q&A with the author. Enjoy!


Meet Mookie Pearl.

Criminal underworld? He runs in it.

Supernatural underworld? He hunts in it.

Nothing stops Mookie when he’s on the job.

But when his daughter takes up arms and opposes him, something’s gotta give…

Book Info:

UK Print
Date: 6th June 2013
Format: Medium Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99

US/CAN Print
Date: 28th May 2013
Format: Regular Paperback
R.R.P.: US$7.99 CAN$8.99

Date: 28th May 2013
Format: Epub & Mobi
R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99

As you can see, it is a truly fantastic cover, and given the blurb, it also represents the novel very aptly. It is definitely one of my favourite covers from Angry Robot, standing proudly alongside those for Seven Wonders, The Merchant of Dreams, Obsidian & Blood, The Lives of Tao and others.

When I compiled my “51 Most Anticipated Releases For 2013” post, this is what I had to say about the book.

“I haven’t read any of Wendig’s work to date. I have a couple of his books but never quite got around to reading them. Took a peek in Blackbirds but wasn’t impressed. This one though, has winner written all over it. Here’s me hoping!”

And here are the reactions of some book bloggers:

Bane of Kings:

“What an Awesome Cover, Joey Hi-Fi creates what is possibly one of Angry Robot’s best cover arts so far in what looks set to be a cracking novel.”

Larry “djinn24” Killian:

“When I was hyped on this cover I was not sure what to expect, since it is their job to make things sound great. But after seeing it Angry Robot did not hype it enough. This cover is amazing, my favorite fro the Angry Robot so far and fitting a new series from Chuck Wending.”

Nick Sharps from SF Signal:

“The cover evokes promises stark Neo-Noir thrills. Frank Miller’s Sin City immediately comes to mind. I need to read this NOW.”

Stefan Fergus from Civilian Reader:

“Whoa, that’s good. They’ve taken a bit of inspiration (perhaps) from the Chris F. Holm’s The Collectors series covers. Definitely something you want to grab and look at all the details, but also enough to catch your eye to begin with.”


Q&A with Chuck Wendig

Shadowhawk: What are your thoughts on the cover?

Chuck: I have no thoughts because my brain is not capable of processing such an artsplosion of awesomeness. Or an awesplosion of artfulness. I mean, you’re telling me I won the cover lottery and have Joey Hi-Fi (who did both the Blackbirds and Mockingbird covers) decorating my book again? I am lactating with the milky nourishment of joy.

Shadowhawk: Blue Blazes is your third novel for Angry Robot. What are your thoughts on the covers for your two Miriam Black covers?

Chuck: See answer #1 (re: lactating)

Shadowhawk: In your opinion, what are the benefits of a consistent series cover design?

Chuck: Consistent series cover design allows readers to get a sense of continuance from book to book and, ideally, they can recognize the book as a part of that series from across the room.

Shadowhawk: What can we look forward to from Blue Blazes?

Chuck: In this one, the criminal underworld crashes headlong into the mythical and monster-filled underworld, with thug enforcer Mookie Pearl at the intersection of that collision. You’ll find: god-worms, worm-gods, gobbos, snakefaces, trogbodies, roller derby girl gangs, the dead folks of the subterranean town of Daisypusher, a goat-man, a mysterious dude, Sandhogs, charcuterie, a giant labyrinth beneath Manhattan, and one plucky and possibly evil teenage daughter.

Shadowhawk: What are your plans for Mookie after Blue Blazes?

Chuck: Mookie’s part of a trilogy I’ve envisioned. If Angry Robot lets me write more, then you’ll see Mookie for at least two more books!

Shadowhawk: What’s been your favourite part about writing this novel

Chuck: I loved falling down the rabbit hole of my own invented version of Hell, but really, for me it’s all about Mookie. Mookie’s a bad dude, a bad dad, but underneath all that muscle and gristle and stubbornness is, I think, the heart of a good guy and this book is about digging through all that meat to find the truth of the character.

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