Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman Giveaway (Angry Robot) – Update!


Shadowhawk and The Founding Fields present the first book giveaway of the year, courtesy of the great folk at Angry Robot Books.

“A giveaway for one of the best urban fantasy novels I’ve read, so make sure to enter!” ~Shadowhawk

This is my first properly organised giveaway, and I’m really excited to share this with you. I read Emma’s Between Two Thorns, the first in her Split Worlds series, earlier this year and I was, to put it simply, blown away. I could go on and on in my praise for the book, but then, that’s not the focus for this novel. You can just read my review of the novel here. If I may add, as I often do, Angry Robot are one of the best and most consistent publishers of SFF in the industry right now, putting out some great fictions month after month. If you haven’t tried any of their wroks out yet, then Between Two Thorns is a great place to start! I dare say that you won’t be disappointed.

Without further ado, here are the details of this giveaway.

  • Simply answer the following question in the comments section: “What is your favourite urban fantasy novel or author, and why?”
  • The giveaway runs from today, 18th March, and all the way through to the 1st April. So that’s a full 2 week window in which you can participate.
  • There are two copies of the book up for grabs, kindly provided by the publisher, Angry Robot.
  • Entries are open to everyone living in US, Canada, UK and EU.


And to point out, Fables is one of the best-selling fantasy comics series out there, published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, and is still going strong after all these years, since it first came out in 2002. Currently reading it, and it’s a ton of fun!



Via the handy little site, I’ve picked the two clear winners – Bibliotropic and Debb Bouch. Congratulations to the two of you. Expect an email in your inbox soon! Winners have 7 days to respond to the emails, after which I will pick a different winner if there is no response.

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  • bigade1665 Ade Couper

    Think it would have to be Charles de Lint: not only does he write great urban fantasy, but his characters are 3-dimensional, flawed, & very believable.

  • bookwormdreams

    My favorite urban fantasy novel I read (so far) is American Gods by neil Gaiman. Why? Because he did such an awesome mix or mythology and contemporary setting.

  • Lucas

    I have so many favorite urban fantasy novels – its probably my favorite genre, but right now I’d have to put the Dresden Files at the top of my list. Harry is just such a great character.

  • Leo Elijah Cristea

    Favourite UF novel is Jim Butcher’s SUMMER KNIGHT. I’m a fae fanboy and this book is full of fae. The Dresden Files as a series is fantastic, but this one always stood out to me.

  • RelarKvothe Xan Liviu Cristea

    My favourite UF is probably BLOOD RITES from the Dresden Files series. Despite the set up of the porn movie, the book managed to stay true to the essence of the rest of the series. Not only that, but the growing relationship in between Thomas and Harry is just AWESOME (and the revelation was so, so cool!). It was also a great page turner and the tension was built very well. I zoomed through the last through chapters just because, dear god, I had to know!

  • laura

    Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Just finished the first book and immediately got the next three. Hell-bent on revenge and getting caught up in trouble that’s far bigger than he is…. Fantastic. A great fresh take on the traditional ‘revenge’ story! :)

  • Peyotitlan Peyotitlan

    I recently found Chris F Holm’s Dead Harvest (Collector Book 1) a fantastic read with really good pace and a great new concept. I am also enjoying the Ben Aaronovitch series based in London.

  • debb.bouch Debb Bouch

    Anything by Kat Richardson. She really brings Seattle to life drawing on its past and present to give us a future we didn’t know was possible.

  • LordoftheNight

    Definitely Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked. I’ve never laughed that hard when reading a book, it’s just so damn funny, and the plot twist near the middle got to introduce a character that I NEVER thought would actually appear in the series, and he was everything i’d hoped, and that of course led to an absolutely epic battle sequence between him and another epic character that I not only thought was hilarious but awesome at the same time.

    Dresden Files is ok but personally I think it’s gotten a bit lesser in quality recently. It seems like the author makes it a point to make Harry’s life suck even worse after each book. Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London is good too but the London love gets a little tiring after a while.

  • anneburner Anne Burner

    Laura Anne Gilman’s two Cosa Nostradamus series. They breathe life into New York, and are just fantastic reads. I especially enjoyed the Retriever portion.

  • Bibliotropic

    I don’t tend to read too much in the way of urban fantasy these days (mostly because I find that urban fantasy mostly means paranormal romance half the time, and I’m not so big on romance as a driving plot point), but I’d have to say that my favourite author of such would be Mercedes Lackey. Not for any special reason, not because she writes urban fantasy better than any other author, but because I like her style so much that odds are I’m going to enjoy her books no matter what genre she ends up writing!

  • Mark Nuhfer

    I would have to say Stina Leicht. She got me interested in the urban fantasy genre. I hadn’t really read much urban fantasy and wasn’t really interested in it until I read her “Of Blood and Honey.” She showed me what I was missing!