Upcoming: Earth 2 #10-12 and 2013 Annual (DC Comics)


Shadowhawk takes a look at the upcoming four issues for the rebooted Earth 2 series.

“Looks like Robinson is going to up the ante yet again. The wait for this issue is going to be interminable!” ~Shadowhawk

I was randomly browsing the DC site the other day, looking at some of the upcoming singles for their various titles. I was actually looking to find a solicit for Greg Pak’s (announced only) Batman/Superman #1 which is supposed to detail the first meeting of the two heroes in the rebooted New 52 DC universe. The two supposedly meet for the first time in Geoff Johns’ Justice League #1 but the meeting isn’t all that clear on that point unfortunately and there’s a lot of gray area. If there’s a retcon in order here, that is somewhat disappointing, but not too big a deal really.

Anyways, going through their upcoming solicits, I randomly chanced upon the Earth 2 Annual #1, to be released on 29th May, and I got immediately excited. You see, in this Earth 2 setting, the “Trinity” of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman disappeared during the final push against the forces of Darkseid and Apokolips. An indefinite time later, the forces of the Green (good) and the Grey (evil) come to a world-spanning conflict and the disappearance of Earth’s wonders is keenly felt. But Alan Scott as Green Lantern, Jay Garrick as Flash, and Kendra Munoz-Saunders as Hawkgirl rise to the occasion and defeat the Grey’s chosen agent, Solomon Grundy. That’s what the entire first arc of the series was about.

The second arc however has shifted focus and we are starting to learn more about the new “Trinity” of wonders, and are seeing the roster of potential heroes and villains expand, starting with Steppenwolf and a new Wonder Woman in #8, plus Mr. Fate in #9. I thought that the first arc had been a smashingly awesome experience, but it looks like James Robinson is going to excel himself with this second arc.

Here are the solicits and covers for the next four issues in the series, a series that I highly recommend. And if you are already reading the title, then share your thoughts in the comments below!

Earth 2 x10

As Wotan holds The Flash’s mother hostage, Khalid must finally come to terms with his destiny as Doctor Fate!

Writer: James Robinson | Art/Cover: Nicola Scott  & Trevor Scott | 32 pp | $2.99 | Release: Mar 6 2013
Earth 2 x11
As Dr Fate emerges as the latest hero on Earth 2, what other heroes make a most unexpected appearance?
Writer: James Robinson | Art: Nicola Scott  & Trevor Scott | Cover: Brett Booth & Norm Rapund | 32 pp | $2.99 | Release: Apr 3 2013
Earth 2 x12
The drums of war begin to sound as the heroes of Earth 2 rally behind Dr. Fate—and a threat from Apokolips becomes all too real!
Writer: James Robinson | Art: Nicola Scott  & Trevor Scott | Cover: Brett Booth & Norm Rapund | 32 pp | $2.99 | Release: May 1 2013
Earth 2 xAnnual
The new Batman of Earth 2 debuts as The Atom begins a mission to lead a new team of heroes—but are any of them prepared for the threat they’re about to face?
Writer: James Robinson | Art: Yildiray Cinar & CAFU & Julius Gopez | Cover: Andy Kubert | 48 pp | $4.99 | Release: May 29 2013

It’s nice to see that Dr. Fate is getting some coverage in New 52. I’ve been a fan of the character ever since he made his cameo on the live-action Superman series Smallville, where he was brilliantly portrayed by Brent Stait (most famous perhaps as the pacifistic Rev Bem on Andromeda). I’ve been trying to find Dr. Fate comics in trades or digitally for a few days now actually and have come up with nothing. Very disappointing.

And a new Batman, that’s quite awesome really. Not to mention that since we have a new Batman coming up for Earth 2, it also implies there will be a new Superman soon as well, to complete the “Trinity”. Now that’s something to look forward to!

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  • ferdinand.maltais Ferdinand Maltais

    Jay Garrick is The Flash on earth two

    • http://sonsofcorax.wordpress.com/ Shadowhawk

      Ach! Embarrassing! I was looking through some Barry Allen comics elsewhere and brain fused the two things together. Corrected now.