Above and Below series, Episode 1 – Review

Above and Below

David “Commissar” Ploss reviews the newly-minted, internet audio drama series Above and Below. This review takes a look at the very first pilot episode of said series. Look for more and download at www.aboveandbelowseries.co.uk

“As a man who has critically laid waste many stories, both written and spoken, I’m proud to say this series holds its own. Bringing strong characters, talented voice-actors, a touch of humor, and a driving story, Above and Below really does take the cake! I loved it! -David Ploss, TheFoundingFields.com

Above and Below, Episode 1. Wowza, what a story. I’ve been through the grinder with all manner of spoken word stories, from Fantasy, to Sci-Fi, Mystery, Noir, Grim Noir, and so on and so on.  And while Above and Below, to me, fits into a very 1920′s Detective Noir style, it’s set into a future where 7 Trillion people live in a metropolis called Midnight City. Different sectors divide the populace into different levels of squalor… Our main character, Marcus Reachman (acted by the talented Daniel McNaughton) lives and works primarily in sector Seven. However, when a prominent and popular politician named Michael Rose dies quite unexpectedly and apparently of a heart attack, certain individuals are intent on inserting themselves in Marcus Reachman’s life and making it oh-so-miserable…

Mr. Rose’s personal assistant, Melisa Valeheart (acted by Rei Haycraft) hires Reachman to investigate any alternative possibilities in his sudden death and shortly thereafter, a mysterious woman who calls herself Aliss (acted by Lisa Ronaghan) inserts herself into Reachman’s life against his will, becoming his eager, naive companion in this story. And it does get quite hairy…

This story takes one inconvenient turn after another. Arson, murder, gangsters and… a cat.  Marcus and Aliss find themselves embroiled in a very twisted and convoluted plot of love and intrigue, adultery and passion. It’s outstanding! This story blew me away in its originality and brilliant acting. Everything is spoken quite casually. It’s wonderful, i don’t know how else to say it, it was simply wonderful.

I am proud to say that i give this wonderful drama a 10/10.

Here’s a list of the talented actors involved in the production, all of them performed beautifully!

Marcus Reachman – Daniel McNaughton
Aliss – Lisa Ronaghan
Cindy Klik – Avery Smithart (also the Newsreader and A.I. System)
Detective Ryan Connors – Mike Dent
Drevik – Pete McKenzie
Barney Grinn – Sean Guzzman
“Mr. Wolf”/ Waiter – David Bodtcher

Special Guest Stars

Melissa Valeheart
– Rei Haycraft
Clarissa Rose – Pippa Winslow


Look forward to an interview with Daniel McNaughton in the upcoming days. It should be intriguing! Cheerio!

David Ploss

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  • Guest

    Downloading the pilot as we speak….loving the music so far on the main website, so I’ll take that as a good sign!

    • https://thefoundingfields.com/ Commissar Ploss

      It really was a wonderful show! Look forward to an interview with Mr. MacNaughton soon! -CP

  • RazorWolf

    Hey guys…just wondering if theres a lot of bad language in this? I really like the sound of the concept but lots of swearing is a big turn off for me.

    • https://thefoundingfields.com/ Commissar Ploss

      I can’t remember hearing any, but if there are, no more than two, if any. It really was very good!

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