TFF Goes Mobile!

Commissar Ploss here to announce some good news for mobile users. Say you’re on the run, and *BLING! your phone goes off. It’s an email update from TFF saying we’ve got a new post up on the site. But lo, you’re on the train with naught but your phone and your trusty portable record player (i’m not the only one who still listens to 45′s right? …right?!) Well, you wont have to worry any more about waiting until you get to a computer to read our posts anymore!!! :D

That’s right! The Founding Fields has finally gone mobile. Now you can simply got to TFF on your mobile phone and read the new post. You’ll be greeted by a new slimmed-down version of our awesome site. Our mobile template is easy to navigate and even easier to read (if that’s even possible).

So now you’ll never have to go a minute without your precious book reviews. give it a try! use your mobile phone to go to TFF and check out the new mobile template. let me know if you run into problems.



David Ploss

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