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Bane of Kings writes a short review of the third novel in the Sigmar trilogy, God King.

“An epic conclusion to the Legend of Sigmar Trilogy.” ~The Founding Fields

Now then, God King is the third and final instalment in the Sigmar Trilogy, which is part of the Time of Legends series, and features the Emperor Sigmar as the main character in Graham McNeill’s latest novel, the sequel to the David Gemmell award-winning novel Empire, which, to be honest, I haven’t actually read yet. Nor have I read Heldenhammer, the first book in the Sigmar Trilogy, which partly explains why I left this review so late, and that was because I was trying to get my hands on God King’s Predecessors over the Christmas period. Unfortunately I failed to do so, and when January came, I decided I’d better read this quickly.

I guess it’s time I started my review now, and stopped coming up with excuses. So then, where to begin? Ah yes, firstly, I’m going to inform you all that this book focuses basically, on the fight between Sigmar and Nagash. Aside from a few minor bits of no action in between, this novel is all essentially action. However, that doesn’t mean you should not buy God King, as the action I found to be well described and enjoyable, especially the final showdown.

Now having not read God King’s predecessors, I found this book hard to get into at first, because I was still a newbie to Warhammer Fantasy and, especially the Time of Legends series. And I was going right in at the deep end with this, so as mentioned earlier, I struggled at the starting line, but once everything was clear to me, and I knew what was happening, I settled down to enjoy it.

Moving onto character development, there’s quite a lot of it, in fact. The rivalries between some of the main characters and their tribes makes it all the more interesting to read, as you want to find out what happens to them at the end.

Next, I’m going to talk about the pace of God King, which I found not to be rushed, (Unlike a certain The Chapter’s Due), and leaving you with an amazing climax that just leaves you wanting more.

And do you get more? Well, according to the author’s interview afterwards, McNeill is thinking about doing more work on Sigmar, which is great. Now then, all I need to do is get Heldenhammer and Empire.

Rating: 4/5

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    Morkar the Uniter’s origin story is in this novel. A portion of it.