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Top 5 Comics For Wednesday September 18 2013

Thor, God of Thunder #13

Milo, aka “Bane of Kings”, runs down the Top 5 comics from various publishers released on Wednesday September 18 2013.

Full Disclosure

Comics Round-up 15.09.2013

Batman The Dark Knight 23.2

Shadowhawk and Bane of Kings welcome you to the second comics round-up for September.

“This is DC’s big month for the year, Villain’s Month and as expected, there are all sorts of stories here: good ones, bad ones, average ones and everything in between those three.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

“Geoff Johns brings his run on Green Lantern to a superb finish, executing the Third Army arc superbly. Wonder Woman’s third volume however is strong but imperfect, whilst over at Image, East of West Vol. 1 ranks among some of the best comics that I’ve read all year.” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

IDW and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Villains


IDW has recently announced that they are going to be publishing a new micro-series for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license.

“IDW has already won me over with Santolouco’s ongoing Secret History of the Foot Clan series, and this new announcement is the icing on the cake. Very, very rich icing. ~Shadowhawk

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