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Top DC Comics For November [Shadowhawk]

DCU vs MOTU 03

Shadowhawk takes a look at and talks about the top DC comics to watch out for in November, single issues and graphic novels alike.

Top DC Comics For September [Shadowhawk]

Batman-Superman 03.1

Shadowhawk runs down the top DC comics to look out for September as Villains Month kicks off.

Full Disclosure

Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths by John Layman and Alberto Ponticelli – Comic Review [Bellarius]


Returning to IDW Publishing once more, Bellarius takes a look at how well John Layman and Alberto Ponticelli’s Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths holds up to analysis.

“An unexpectedly successful blend of stories which merges genres brilliantly.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

The Top 20 Comics That You Should Look Out For On 3 July 2013

Green Arrow #22

Bane of Kings runs down the Top 20 Comics That You Should Look Out For on 3 July 2013.

Cover Art: Bat-Family and March (DC Comics)

Batman #18 by Scott Snyder. Variant cover by Andy Kubert. Another emotional cover that recalls the fallout of Jason Todd's death in

Shadowhawk takes a look at the March covers for the Bat-family titles in a post-Death of the Family setting. Contains spoilers for the Death of the Family crossover and from Batman, Incorporated #8.

“The emotional fallout from Batman, Incorporated #8 won’t hit home until you look at these covers.” ~Shadowhawk

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