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US Game Day 2011 – Black Library Q&A

Well howdy folks, I’ve got plenty to show you today. This past weekend was Games Workshop’s US Games Day. :) While i did record a few other videos, the one i wanted to upload was the Black Library Q&A session in the late morning of that Saturday. The only video of the session was taken by me, so you can’t find this anywhere else. :) Please enjoy, i will include the show notes for your convenience.


The Black Library Q&A Session from Games Workshop’s US Games Day. Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago Illinois. July 30th, 2011

Shot by: David “Commissar” Ploss for www.TheFoundingFields.com and Black Library.


0:00-0:10:00 – Pregame debauchery (not really debauchery…)

1:22:00 – New and Noteworthy titles. Spotlight on BL features.

4:20:00 – Author Introductions

4:35:00 – Question 1: Availability of BL Books on Kindle and other various devices.

5:20:00 – Question 2: Upcoming Print on Demand titles?

7:10:00 – Question 3: GD first-timer inquires which Books/series each author has written, then asks them to pick their favorite book!

12:20:00 – Question 4: Possible secrets revealed soon in the Horus Heresy sereis?

13:20:00 – Question 5: If you could have miniatures made of any of your characters, which would you choose?

14:30:00 – Question 6: Are there any plans for future Black Library inspired miniatures?

15:25:00 – Question 7: As BL authors, do you get to pick what you write about?

20:10:00 – Question 8: Anything you can say about continuations of the Dark Angels storyline? (Horus Heresy)

21:38:00 – Question 9: Whom do you reference based on precedence regarding writing about various factions?

24:35:00 – Question 10: Where does Deliverance Lost fit into the timeline of the Horus Heresy series?

27:11:00 – Question 11: Is there interaction between BL authors and the codex writers/game developers?

32:15:00 – Question 12: Has anyone had a plot idea get flat-out rejected?

37:21:00 – Question 13: Is there any bit from the back-catalogue you would like to revisit or expand upon?

39:25:00 – Question 14: Are there attempts to line up the releases of books with releases on the hobby side?

42: 34:00 – Question 15: Deadlines? Good or Bad?

44:50:00 – Question 16: Any hints of Clint breaking into 40k more soundly?

45:44:00 – Question 17: Any chance of a novelization of the Space Marines video game from THQ?

47:35:00 – Question 18: What sort of sources do you use as reference material/inspiration for your books?

51:00:00 thru. End Credits

thanks for watching! i hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll be there. Oh yes, i’ll be there…

Well folks, CP here to mention that i will be in attendance at the Games Workshop US Games Day. Here in Chicago in the waning days of July.  I shall be in attendance in my Founding Fields swag, so you wont miss me.  Most of my time will be spent at the Black Library booth (They’re the ones who’ve been kind enough to set a ticket aside for me, nice of them, isn’t it? I think so!) where i’ll be chatting with the authors and other heads of state. So please! Stop by and say hi, i always love to see fans and readers from the site! And get some books signed, of course. lol

Baltimore Games Day 2010 – Free ticket!

A member of Heresy-Online is giving away a ticket to the Baltimore Games Day & Golden Demon 2010.  Its legit, and were i not in such dire financial straits, i would have traveled out there myself (i live in Chicago)!  Its a great way to meet a bunch of your favorite Black Library authors and get some books signed.  I’ll be there next year for sure.  I’ve posted the link below.


post your interest in this thread.  Long story short (as i’m sure you’ll read the prior entries) the ticket is still available.  Let him know via PM of your interest as well.   Cheers, and i hope whoever gets to go has a great time!  Make sure to take lots of pictures so i can show them here!