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From The Flames by Graeme Lyon – eBook Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius keeps going with the Legion of the Damned collection with Graeme Lyon’s From the Flames.

“A story with potential, but is ultimately harmed by its unusual limitations.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Path of the Seer by Gav Thorpe – Book Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius sees how the second installment of Gav Thorpe’s Path of the Eldar holds up to analysis.

“A step backwards for every one forwards” – The Founding Fields

Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill – Book Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius analyses Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill to see just how a 40K novel can hold up when not at the centre of a war.

“A very good, very interestingly detailed story which desperately needs to be continued.” - The Founding Fields

The Masque of Vyle by Andy Chambers – Novella Review [Bellarius]


Bellarus takes a look at The Masque of Vyle by Andy Chambers to see if it does the Harlequins justice.

“A flawed gem to be sure but still an excellently detailed story.” - The Founding Fields

Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeill – Book Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews Graham McNeill’s latest Horus Heresy novel, wherein he tackles one of the most overlooked Primarchs and Legions in the series to date.

A decent and extremely promising novel that also misses the mark often and is ultimately let down by the high expectations created by Graham’s last full offering that I really enjoyed, A Thousand Sons.” ~The Founding Fields

Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe – Book Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius takes a look at the first installment of the recently ended Path of the Eldar series by Gav Thorpe and published by Black Library.

“Falls short of the tale Eldar fans deserved.” – The Founding Fields

The Eldar Path Trilogy: Path of the Outcast by Gav Thorpe – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the final novel in the Eldar Path Trilogy by Gav Thorpe, Path of the Outcast, that follows the gripping events of Aradryan’s viewpoint from the story that began with Path of the Warrior and continued with Path of the Seer.

“A thrilling conclusion to the Eldar Trilogy that will satisfy and enthrall readers.” ~The Founding Fields

Atlas Infernal by Rob Sanders – Review [EJ Davies]


Rob Sanders introduces a new character to the more contemporary Black Library releases – Bronislaw Czevak – and tackles a fairly weighty topic – the thievery of the fated Atlas Infernal, a map of the Eldar webway from the Black Library of Chaos. EJ Davies casts his eye over the tome. Rob Sanders book, not THE Atlas Infernal.

“From a slow start to a scintillating, original and captivating read.” ~ The Founding Fields.

Butcher’s Nails by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the latest Horus Heresy audio drama, Butcher’s Nails, a tale written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden that explores the psyche of Primarch Angron and his relationship with his brother, Lorgar Aurelian.

“This is a fantastic example of that which is Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s strength: exploring the relationships between Primarchs. A must have for any Horus Heresy/Warhammer 40,000 fan.” ~The Founding Fields

The Primarchs – Advanced Review [EJ Davies]


EJ Davies takes on the latest (again) in the Horus Heresy series with the Christian Dunn edited collection of four novellas entitled The Primarchs focussing on Fulgrim, Ferrus Manus, Lion El’ Jonson, and the twins Alpharius and Omegon.

“A superb collection of stories, with some expansive ideas setting great events in motion for the later payoff in the Heresy.  Great stuff.” ~ The Founding Fields

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