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Top DC Comics For November [Shadowhawk]

DCU vs MOTU 03

Shadowhawk takes a look at and talks about the top DC comics to watch out for in November, single issues and graphic novels alike.

The Top 20 Comics That You Should Be Looking Out For On 17 July 2013

Thor, God of Thunder #10

Bane of Kings runs down the top 20 comics that you should be looking out for today from multiple comic publishers.

Birds of Prey Volume 3 and 4 by Gail Simone – Graphic Novel Review [Shadowhawk]

05 Birds of Prey Sensei Student

Shadowhawk reviews the third and fourth trade collections from the first run of Birds of Prey which was originally penned by Chuck Dixon.
Volume 3 collects issues #56-61 and Volume 4 collects issues #62-67.

“Excellent work all around, from the script to the art, these two collections offer a unique insight into the Birds of Prey that is matched only by Duane Swierczynski’s New 52 run. If I wasn’t already reading Gail Simone’s current Batgirl run, I’d say that these two trades are her best work ever. And the same goes for Ed Benes and his New 52 work on both Batgirl and Red Lanterns.” ~The Founding Fields

Comics Round-up 15.02.2013


Shadowhawk and Bane of Kings bring to you the second comics round-up for February.

“Excellence mixed in with a bit of disappointment.” ~Shadowhawk

“A thrilling set of comics that prove Marvel Now! is starting to kick off! ~Bane of Kings

DC’s New 52 Comics Roundup – Part One [Bane of Kings]

Action Comics 1

Bane of Kings shares his thoughts on six of the first issues of DC’s New 52 Series, and in this first roundup, covers Action Comics, All Star Western, Batgirl, Batwing, Batman and Robin, and Birds of Prey.

“A mostly strong relaunch that shows how varied DC’s New 52 Universe can be.” ~The Founding Fields

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