Spring Giveaway – Thunder & Steel" by Dan Abnett

Hello everyone! Commissar Ploss here doing another something special for the readers of The Founding Fields.  I’ve got another giveaway that i want to do in recognition of spring on its way! March is finally here, and i’m itching to start getting outside and enjoying myself a bit more.  Here’s what we’ve got for the giveaway…

Thunder & Steel by Dan Abnett is the feature of this giveaway.

so, in order to get in on the giveaway, all you have to do is post about this giveaway on another forum. Then reply here with a link to that thread or post.  Forums would include sites like Heresy-Online, Dakka-Dakka, Warseer, etc.   You just need to spread the word. :)  Each eligible reply here will get a number assigned to it, and then a randomizer will choose a winner. simple.
cheers! and happy (approaching) spring!
Commissar Ploss
p.s.: It has come to my attention that i have been a bit vague, which i acknowledge. here’s a bit of clarification of the rules:
Anyone who makes a statement promoting/alerting others to the giveaway here at TFF is eligible for entry. This includes posts made on forums, blogs, websites, facebook, twitter, etc. So long as you can provide a link to your statement, wherever it may be, even in the reply to an authors blog post, perhaps Dan has blogged about this book, or Black Library may have done so, if you post a reply in those blog posts with a link back to this giveaway, those would count as well. I am trying to let as many people know about this giveaway as possible. i hope this offers some clarification. :o)

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