TFF Holiday Giveaway!

Hello brothers,  Commissar Ploss here with another piece of holiday cheer! I’m giving away a book from my private collection.  There are only two simple steps you need to follow in order to be entered into the giveaway, check it out!

 I’m giving away my signed copy of First & Only. Dan Abnett’s debut Gaunt’s Ghosts novel, with it’s original first printing cover art.  Why? Because i’m a nice guy, that’s why.  And because i hope you’ll spread the word about The Founding Fields, because i rely on you.  I can only do so much with Twitter and Facebook. I need you all to spread around the love. Do that, and i’ll keep giving stuff away! deal?

stipulations for entry:

There are only two mandatory steps for getting into this giveaway.  First you need to follow The Founding Fields using the Google Friend Connect application on the right side of the page(if you’ve done so already, that’s good!), then you need to post a reply in this post saying that you’ve done so. :)

That said, the competition will go through January 1st. On that day, i’ll choose a random number, and whichever reply corresponds with that number, gets the book. simple. :o)

and remember, be sure to spread the word about The Founding Fields to all of your friends.

thanks guys and gals, and Happy Holidays!


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