Angry Robot Books: Advent Calendar [Days 1-9]

so i’m a little behind with this, i wanted to start it right on December 1st, but i didn’t. so sad.  So i’ll index the surprises you can find in the Angry Robot Advent Calendar for the first 9 days here, then i’ll update every day, regularly. :o)

have a look!

Day 1 – Dan Abnett’s Secret Family Bread Sauce Recipe
Day 2 – Wish You Were Here, by Jo Anderton
Day 3 – Oh No, It Isn’t! by Mike Shevdon
Day 4 – Holiday Man by J Robert King
Day 5 – Kell Christmas Special by Andy Remic
Day 6 – Lost in Transit and Hunter by Lavie Tidhar 
Day 7 – The Top Ten Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Christmas by Tim Waggoner 
Day 8 – Dear Santa by Justin Gustainis
Day 9 – Usher’s Christmas Spirit by Gary McMahon

enjoy! Come back tomorrow for more advent calendar goodness. :o)



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