Angry Robot Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Ten

 Day 10 of Angry Robot Books’ Advent Calendar is here with something by Gav Thorpe! An author those of you familiar with 40k will recognize. This is in reference to Gav’s new The Crown of the Blood series available at Angry Robot.

Ullsaard’s Christmas Books
by Gav Thorpe
Ullsaard’s list of Christmas books:
Allenya – ‘Sisters Are Special’, by Lucy Mead
Luia – ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, by Dale Carnegie
Meliu –‘The Secret’, by Rhonda Byrne
Urikh – ‘The Prince’, by Machiavelli
Jutaar – ‘The Cat in the Hat’, Dr Seuss
Ullnaar – ‘Letters to a Law Student: A Guide to Studying Law at University’, by Nicholas J. McBride
Luisaa – ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, by Eric Carle
Noran – ‘The Book of Askhos for Dummies’
Prince Aalun – ‘Families And How To Survive Them’, by Dr Robin Skynner and John Cleese
King Lutaar – ‘ Fatherhood: The Truth’, by Marcus Berkmann
Captain Anasind – ‘ The 33 Strategies Of War’, by Robert Greene
Don’t forget: Blackfang – Behemodon hide chew toy.
Books to ask for:
‘Global Strategic Management’, by Philippe Lasserre
‘Politics – Cutting Through the Crap’, by Bali Rai and Chris Riddell
‘Test Your Cat: The Cat IQ Test’, by E. M. Bard
‘Favorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy’, by Susan Ray Schmidt
Ullsaard stars in Gav’s The Crown of the Blood series for Angry Robot – the first of which is available now, worldwide.

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