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Wroge Elements: It Began with Ashes by D.E.M Emrys – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

It Began with Ashes

Bane of Kings writes a review of It Began with Ashes by self-published author D.E.M Emrys.

“An awesome tale, edge-of-your seats stuff.” ~The Founding Fields

Wroge Elements: From Man To Man by D.E.M Emrys – Short Story Review [Bane of Kings]

From Man To Man

Bane of Kings reviews the self-published, free on Amazon short story by D.E.M Emrys, From Man to Man. As this is a short story, it’ll be a shorter review than normal with a slightly adjusted format to the normal, full length novel reviews.

“A great short teaser that keeps the reader entertained and leaves them wanting more.” ~The Founding Fields