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Warhammer Heroes: Valkia the Bloody by Sarah Cawkwell – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

Valkia the Bloody

Bane of Kings reviews Sarah Cawkwell’s second Black Library novel and her first set in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, entitled Valkia the Bloody, and gives a dark look at one of the champions of the Blood God, Khorne.

“Fast moving, bloody and a delight to read – Sarah Cawkwell proves that she is no one-hit-wonder and delivers a stunning look into one of the darkest characters that this series has given us to date.” ~The Founding Fields

Valkia the Bloody by Sarah Cawkwell – Review [EJ Davies]


Hetwoman, Gorequeen, Consort of Khorne.  Call her what you will – Valkia the Bloody is a character as large as any character in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.  Following on the heels of Luthor HussSigvaldWulfrik, and others Sarah Cawkwell turns her pen to the majesty of Khorne and EJ Davies gives us his impression.

“Bloody, gory, visceral, and full of fighting.  This is what you want to see from Khorne-based novel.” ~ The Founding Fields.

Valkia the Bloody by Sarah Cawkwell – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the second novel by up and coming Black Library explosive (metaphorically speaking) favourite Sarah Cawkwell as she gets both feet wet in the Old World.

“With action scenes that leap off the pages and intrigues that are as bloody and brutal as they get, Valkia the Bloody is proof that Sarah Cawkwell can write Warhammer Fantasy as well as she can write Warhammer 40,000.~The Founding Fields