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Yep, we’re on Facebook…

Well gang, seems it was high time i finally set up a Facebook page for The Founding Fields!
This’ll give you all; the fans, a chance to tell me you hate me and why. :) An “open forum” so to speak. If you’ve got something to say about TFF, say it! i welcome any and all discussion. Do you want me to write an article about something? please, let me know! I’m willing to answer any questions you have, outside of astrophysics and organic chemistry. I’m still rough on those subjects. lol  Is there a book you’ve seen you want us to review? is there an author on FB who’s work you really really like? Send them our way! I’m sure we can works something out. :)

You’ll also be seeing the usual updates on the FB page as well, when i publish something here, we’ll throw a link up on the FB page.

NOw you’re probably wondering how you can see this marketing masterpiece of mine? well now, that’s as simple as throwing a hamster in a microwave oven! Just point and click!  You can either search in the search box above your profile on FB for “The Founding Fields” or you can just click this link HERE.

Like us and be sure to check back. You can be sure we’ll be having some giveaways that are FB fan exclusives. hehehe that’s just the kind of baiting bastard i am. lol


Commissar Ploss

TFFGivesBooks2011 – Contribute to the cause!

Hello everyone, David Ploss here, owner/founder of the book review and fiction news website “The Founding Fields” http://www.thefoundingfields.com/

I’m here again to let you know about a special project that I have undertaken at the request of others that I work with and members amongst my readership at TFF.

I bring you: TFFGivesBooks! TFFGivesBooks is a new project that aims to give books to those who can’t afford them. What i want to do is provide books on a regular basis to shelters around the area that I call home, Chicago.
I’ve done research and asked many people associated with shelters and programs that help those citizens in need, and the thing that comes up the most in all of the conversations I’ve had is the overwhelming need for reading material.

Then it dawned on me, what better way to bring about fulfilling this need and contribute to my fellow man than utilize the exposure of my website to help fund the contribution of books.

here’s what’s involved:

The goal is to raise $1,000 dollars to help fund a large new and used books purchase that will be made before December 22 of this year.

The Purchase will be made on the 22nd. I’ll provide photos for the purchase to to show what all i was able to get.

Then on Christmas Eve, I will be playing “santa” and delivering the books to various shelters and community wellness groups for distribution to their patrons.

It’s a way for all of us to give back to the community and those people who need some nice entertainment from books!


How can you get involved?

I urge all of my readers and anyone that happens upon The Founding Fields to chip in, and donate a bit of cash to the cause. There will be a widget on the right sidbar of www.thefoundingfields.com . All you have to do to contribute is click the “ChipIn!” button and get things going.

All the money and transfers are handled securely through Paypal.


How else can you help?

I ask that anyone who runs a website relating to books and the like contact me so that they can get a copy of the widget to put on their website. This will help spread the word and get the project known to a larger audience.

The sooner we raise the 1000 (or close to it) the more we’ll be able to do for our fellow man.

It’s a worthy cause, one i hope you’ll contribute towards!


Check back periodically for updates on how the project is going!

thanks again,

David Ploss

visit our ChipIn! page here: http://thefoundingfields.chipin.com/tffgivesbooks

My interview with The Overlords Podcast

Hello again everyone. little short on book reviews this week but fear not! I’ve got three upcoming, so keep your pants on. :)  Meanwhile! i wanted to alert you all to an interview i did with The Overlords Podcast.  Had a wonderfully long chat with Dagmire about all manner of fiction related things. Gave the proper shoutouts to my pals and made sure to let everyone know about upcoming and current projects i’ve got going on. You really ought to have a listen i’ll provide a link to where you can download the episode. You can find my interview at the 2:07:00 mark thereabouts. Please let me know what you think. you can download it through iTunes or directly from their site. :o)

from friends of the site:
(unofficial, but favorite, podcast of TFF)

Follow TFF via Email!

Perhaps you’ve had a hard time getting to visit The Founding Fields to check up and see what the new news is around the fictionverse! Well, now you can be alerted via email when a new post is made here on TFF.  That’s right! If a new book review gets posted, you’ll get an email, if a new interview is posted, you’ll get an email, etc etc. that way, you can pick and choose your designated visiting time. Don’t worry, i’ll still continue to post updates via Twitter and Facebook, so for those of you who follow that way, you wont miss out. 

If you would like to sign up for email updates, it’s on the right hand sidbar under the search bar. just pop in your email and hit “submit” it’s that simple. :o)

cheers everyone!


Now Advertising through Project Wonderful!

Well everyone, I’ve wanted to let you all know that we are now accepting ads through Project Wonderful.  Basically, all you have to do is set up an advertisers account on Project Wonderful! and you can start displaying ads for free right now. It’s a bidding system, so the prices will probably change.  Right now, advertising is free so you can see what your impressions and stats will be. We have two Skyscraper spots available on the left side of the page and a leaderboard spot up top there. There will be two more ads spots that open up later, but i’m waiting to see how these do. The money that TFF makes through advertising goes directly into the site, so there’s not true profit.

If you are a book publisher who would like to advertise your new releases, or perhaps you’ve self-published, and would like to get the word out. we’re viewed by thousands of people each week and we’re still growing strong. We would love to see you advertise your books and products here on The Founding Fields.

Commissar Ploss

Book Reviews Page Update

Finally gotten around to updating the Book Reviews Page. It is now up to date with all of our book reviews. Want to find a review of a particular book? head on over to the page: Book Reviews



OneTrueFan added to TFF

I’ve added a neat new feature to the site, for us as a community to engage with one another. It’s called OneTrueFan. Simply put, it’s a way for all the people who visit and read The Founding Fields to connect with one another and show that they like the site, not just by using the Google Friend Connect app.
Here’s a brief snippet of what OneTrueFan is:

In its current form, the Web is a largely uninhabited world, where people can only see each others’ artifacts and the vast majority of us never leave an imprint on our favorite sites.
OneTrueFan was born out of two ideas: 1) experiences are better when shared and 2) changing human behavior is next to impossible. Our first service enables people to automatically show up on the pages they visit. Other people can then discover them and interesting new content.
OneTrueFan is not a social network in the traditional sense, in that social networks attempt to localize an experience and/or lock users into a single social graph. OneTrueFan is the anti-network, bringing to light the communities that already exist at your favorite sites, with no additional effort on your part.

It’s very simple. OneTrueFan will load at the bottom of the page, and all you have to do, is if you read TFF just “sign in” using either your Facebook, or Twitter account.  Gives us a better running tally of who visits and what people are into. It’s also a great way to share any info you find appealing here at TFF.  You like a certain book review? Share it using the “Share this Page!” button. Simple. :o)  The more you share, using the app, the more points you get, and the more points you get, the closer you become to being the “one true fan” of The Founding Fields. Give it a try!

It’s something new we’re giving a shot here, and I’d like to hear your feedback about it. If it doesn’t work out, i’ll remove it, plain and simple.

And this feature has a nice addition to it, if it’s ever getting in the way of your viewing the site, just hover over the right edge of the widget and an X will appear, then you can hide it if you wish, with a couple options. :)


Commissar Ploss

Testing New Page Elements

Hey all, just to let you know, i’m going to be fiddling with the page elements and design of the webiste a bit, just to have a look and see if i can do some of the new things i want to do with the site, and actually see if they will work or not.  Please feel free to comment on things that you like and things that you don’t like, i’m eager to hear your thoughts. :)


BL & AR Featured Books!

I’ve added a section to the blog on the Left Sidbar. It’s the featured books section. It features both Angry Robot, and Black Library books. so if there is a book you see, you can find it for the best price there on the left. Hosted by Amazon.com, You’ll get fast shipment, and a secure transaction. And Every time you refresh the page, new and exciting books will show up. So have a look, and see if there isn’t something there you want to order. :o) cheers!


New Page: Interviews

A new page has been added to TFF. Check it out!

We’ve added an Interviews page here on TFF. This is where we will feature all of our various Author interviews as well as some other miscellaneous interviews with different wargaming companies, forums etc.  Be sure to check back often to see if new things have been added.

Interviews Page