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StormWatch Vol. 3: Change or Die by Warren Ellis and Tom Raney – Comic Review [Bellarius]


Moving away from the big two, Bellarius begins looking into Wildstorm’s best with Warren Ellis’ StormWatch: Change or Die.

“An excellent, criminally overlooked story which executes its fascinating ideas perfectly.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Comics Round-up 18.09.2012


Shadowhawk, Bane of Kings and Bellarius review a variety of comics titles from across genres and publishers in the second installment of an entirely new reviews series for The Founding Fields.

“Another rock-solid reading experience, spent with some truly enjoyable comics.” ~Shadowhawk

A fantastic mix of superheroes and zombies. Coupled with fantastic art and fantastic storylines, these are issues that are unmissable.” ~Bane of Kings

“A reasonable start but is driven more by its explosions and situations than its characters.” ~Bellarius