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Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]

Fortune's Pawn

Shadowhawk reviews the first novel in a new series by Rachel Aaron, writing as Rachel Bach, as she tackles military space opera after her popular Eli Monpress adventure fantasy series.

“Its not often I get to use the words stunning and spectacular and superb all in the same sentence for a novel, but Fortune’s Pawn is a novel that deserves all those epithets and more. Its a fantastic tale that reminded me often of the old style of space opera, the fun-loving adventure kind that doesn’t take itself too seriously and focuses on the fun above all else.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

The Spirit Rebellion by Rachel Aaron – Book Review [Shadowhawk]

16 Spirit Rebellion

Shadowhawk reviews the second novel in the Eli Monpress series from Orbit Books.

“This is a wonderful, light-hearted novel that is true to the spirit of the first novel in the series and builds on all the right things from before. Highly recommended.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron – Book Review [Shadowhawk]

Spirit Thief

Shadowhawk reviews the first novel in the popular Eli Monpress series by author Rachel Aaron, published by Orbit Books.

“Extremely entertaining with large doses of humour, Spirit Thief is one of the most fun reads of the year. ~The Founding Fields