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[Advance Review] A Conversation in Blood: An Egil & Nix Novel


Paul S. Kemp is back for his third installment of the Egil and Nix trilogy. An epic story about two best friends going out and causing havoc with an extra large dose of smartassery. ~Larry Killian, The Founding Fields 

A Discourse In Steel by Paul S. Kemp – Book Review [Shadowhawk]

A Discourse in Steel

Shadowhawk reviews the second novel in Paul S. Kemp’s Egil and Nix sword and sorcery series.

“A grand old episode of the adventures of Egil and Nix with a much stronger sword and sorcery vibe.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

Egil and Nix: A Discourse In Steel by Paul S. Kemp – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

A Discourse in Steel

Bane of Kings returns to the Egil & Nix series by Paul S. Kemp, with the second volume – A Discourse in Steel, published by Angry Robot Books.

“Paul S. Kemp provides an entertaining and enjoyable ride through the lives of Egil & Nix. Another strong contender for the most fun book of the year, people who loved their first outing won’t be able to put this one down.” ~The Founding Fields

A Discourse in Steel by Paul S. Kemp – Advance Review [djinn24]


Larry reviews the dark and gritty sequel to The Hammer and the Blade, A Discourse in Steel, book 2 of the ‘A Tale of Egil and Nix’ series by Paul S. Kemp published by Angry Robot Books available June 25th.

Egil and Nix back once again kicking serious ass in this sequel ~The Founding Fields

WARNING: This is the second or greater book in an ongoing series, spoilers to previous books maybe contained within.

The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp [djinn24]


djinn24 reviews a newly released gritty and sassy dungeon crawl by New York Times best selling author Paul S. Kemp, released by Angry Robot Books.

A gritty dungeon crawler that will keep you on your toes with plenty of smartassery to make you laugh out loud. ~The Founding Fields

War of the Spider Queen Volume 2 – Omnibus Review [Shadowhawk]

war of the spider queen volume 2

Shadowhawk reviews the second trilogy of the bestselling War of the Spider Queen series, recently re-released in 3-book omnibus-sized editions for the 10th anniversary of the series.

“Expected treachery and Under-dark spanning adventures give way to unexplained betrayals and angst on steroids as the series comes to a close.” ~The Founding Fields

Author Interview – Paul S. Kemp

Paul S. Kemp Author

Bane of Kings Interviews the author responsible for the upcoming sword and sorcery novel The Hammer and the Blade, published by Angry Robot books, Paul S. Kemp, who is a New York Times Bestseller, and has written several Star Wars stories such as Crosscurrent and Riptide, as well as the popular Erevis Cale novels. You can find Bane of Kings’ review of The Hammer and the Blade here, as well as Shadowhawk’s review here. Bane of Kings has also reviewed  The Old Republic: Deceived, which can be found here.

The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp – Advance Review [Bane of Kings]

The Hammer and the Blade

Bane of Kings writes an Advance Review of The Hammer and the Blade, published by Angry Robot Books in the UK and the US, and is released worldwide in July 2012, and written by the New York Times Bestselling author Paul S. Kemp.

“An awesome fantasy novel shows that Kemp can work his magic in almost any setting, be it in a galaxy far far away, the Warhammer World or in his own creation. A rollercoaster ride that is not to be missed.” ~The Founding Fields

The Hammer and The Blade by Paul S. Kemp – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews Paul S. Kemp’s first in a new original fantasy series for Angry Robot Books, a novel that follow the adventures of the new thieving duo on the block, Egil and Nix.

“Swords & Sorcery at its best for a modern audience, The Hammer and The Blade echoes the magic of the old Dragonlance novels and takes the reader on a fast-paced adventure against sorcerors and demons through some of the most dangerous locations in the world.” ~The Founding Fields

Age of Legend – Book Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the first anthology for the popular Time of Legends meta-series for Warhammer Fantasy, a collection of short stories by new and old authors alike.

“A superb collection that collects together some of Black Library’s finest with an added dose of two new authors to the setting, Age of Legend is a great read.” ~The Founding Fields