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Horus Heresy: Pharos by Guy Haley – Book Review [Bellarius]


Returning to the Imperium Secundus and the events of the Horus Heresy, Bellarius offers a few brief thoughts on this latest addition to the series.

“This is the kind of book the Horus Heresy needs more of.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Master of the First by Gav Thorpe / The Long Night by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Audio Drama Review [Bellarius]


With the Horus Heresy still in full swing, Bellarius steps back to offer his opinion on an older duology sadly overlooked by far too many fans.

“A solid combination of stories, offering some very interesting twists in the usual loyalist/traitor dynamic.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Book Review [Eroldren]

The Night Lords at their finest, in a deep blue colour and covered in lightning.

Eroldren reviews Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden that kicks off the Night Lords Trilogy.

The midnight terrors lying inside are meant to be known.” – The Founding Fields

Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier – Book Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius delves into the often overshadowed Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier to see if it was worth bringing back for Black Library’s print on demand.

“A flawed gem of a title which takes a direction you would not expect for traitor marines.” – The Founding Fields

Shadows of Treachery – Advance Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the latest Horus Heresy anthology, containing two brand new novella-length stories, as well as several reprints of old audio dramas and a formerly exclusive short story.

“One of the best anthologies that Black Library has put out, each story a perfect thematic fit to each other.” ~The Founding Fields

Void Stalker by Aaron-Dembski Bowden Review [EJ Davies]


EJ Davies takes a look at the almost released Void Stalker, the third novel in the Night Lords series penned by firm fan favourite Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

“Compelling, tragic, visceral, and brutal; this novel truly bears all the hallmarks of the Dembski-Bowden and ends the saga on the only note it could. Grippingly awesome.” ~ The Founding Fields.

The Night Lords Trilogy: Void Stalker by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Advanced Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings reviews the epic conclusion to the Night Lords Trilogy, entitled Void Stalker, written by New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden and published by The Black Library. Void Stalker is currently available as an ebook, and will be released in paperback in May 2012.

“Wow. Aaron Dembski-Bowden not only manages to keep you hooked from the first page, but manages to make the predictable unpredictable. Void Stalker is a fantastic conclusion to the Trilogy, and is the best book so far. Not to be missed.” ~The Founding Fields

Void Stalker by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Advanced Review [Lord of the Night]

In Midnight Clad. He is coming for you!

Lord of the Night reviews the breathtaking final novel of Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s acclaimed Night Lords trilogy, the novel Void Stalker.

“Never before has a book resonated within me as Void Stalker has. Through this rollercoaster ride of revealed secrets, whispered prophecy and epic battles Aaron Dembski-Bowden has managed to create one of Black Library’s best novels. So this one’s for him… In Midnight Clad!” – The Founding Fields.

Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Bane of Kings Reviews Lord of the Night, Simon Spurrier’s Night Lords novel that is currently available on Print on Demand (direct exclusive), published by Black Library.
“A fantastic read that will have you flipping through the pages. Essential reading for all Black Library fans.” ~The Founding Fields

Throne of Lies by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Audio Drama Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews the second installment in the Night Lords series, an audio drama, that continues the tale of Talos and his brethren of First Claw.

“An audio drama that is just on the cusp of potential that delivers its goods in a rather roundabout way.” ~ The Founding Fields