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Straight Silver by Dan Abnett – Review [EJ Davies]


With the Ghosts mourning the loss of Try Again Bragg at the end of The Guns of Tanith, they are committed to the ancient battlefields of Aexe Cardinal. EJ Davies casts his baleful eye over the third in The Saint cycle as the Ghosts tackle a war of arms, and of minds.

“Dan Abnett serves up gripping action, compelling characters, and nail-biting relationships.” ~The Founding Fields.

Honour Guard by Dan Abnett – Review [EJ Davies]


EJ Davies, in his bid to continue his Black Library education, takes on the first in The Saint cycle of the Gaunt’s Ghosts saga, by the man, the legend, Dan Abnett.

“Something of a slightly functional story but with excellent character work turns this from an average to a great book.” ~ The Founding Fields.