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Enter Into The Grim Dark Future (Part 1)


Shadowhawk writes a beginner’s guide to the Warhammer 40,000 range of Black Library fiction, and takes a look at the various factions within the setting, giving an overall perspective over the entire setting.

“In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war, and these are its proponents. Whether you are looking for tales of the average soldier, or genetically modified special forces, or aliens of all sorts, these novels are a good stepping stone into this all-inclusive setting.” ~Shadowhawk

Screw You Sherlock [Kay]


This new reviewer is a long time real life friend of mine, to be truthful one of the best friends I have ever had. She is an avid bookworm, like the rest of us, who is also an aspiring author, pursuing her masters degree, and raising kids and has managed to find the time to come join the ranks of The Founding Field crew to offer us a women’s view, something that we have not had here at The Founding Fields. Now I know it is odd that someone posts up an editorial before reviewing a book (that is already scheduled) but she decided to start rambling and wrote a damn good piece that both Dave and I agree captures what it is like to be a reviewer reading a book so we decided to bump the schedule a bit and get this up today.  I implore you to read this, it is really insightful.

Larry ‘djinn24’ Killian

Answering The How – Matt Forbeck on Self-publishing


Matt Forbeck has been one of my top finds of the year. I’ve read three of his novels this year and six comics and he’s been the most consistent author as far as I’m concerned, because I’ve loved everything I’ve read. Whether it’s fantasy, or science-fiction or historical fiction, this man totally knows what he’s writing about and his love for his writing shines through. His thoughts on self-publishing are a topic that I’ve waited to read about for quite a while and here is a big teaser for why he does what he does.

It’s All About The Attention – Selso Xisto on Self-publishing


Selso Xisto is one of my favourite authors of the year, in no small part because his debut novel Particle Horizon totally wowed me with it’s exploration of some traditional science-fiction themes as androids and identity, the future of the human race, galactic civilisations, destinies, and so on. When I asked him about contributing to our self-published author spotlight here on The Founding Fields, he readily agree and this is what he had to say about his experiences with the process. This is part three of our spotlight. Previous guest posts by Dan Johnson and John C. Scott can be found here and here.

From the Reviewers to the Authors


Shadowhawk talks about the relationships between authors and book bloggers. What follows is his own opinion and should you have any issue with it, feel free to discuss it with him directly.

“The relationship between an author and a book blogger (reviewer) is one of cooperation and mutual respect that is stringed together by trust.” ~Shadowhawk

Notable Sci-Fi/Fantasy Releases – April 2012


Bane of Kings continues the notable Sci-Fi/Fantasy releases feature of The Founding Fields with a look into some of the  novels that you should be looking out for that were released in April 2012.

An Amateur Writer’s Tips to Other Amateurs

VixusKragov, a member of the Heresy-Online community, took time out from his busy schedule to contribute a bit of Amateur knowledge. In this post, he delivers his thoughts on writing! Enjoy!

Editorial – Black Library & The Coming Year [EJ Davies]


EJ Davies calls it like he sees it, and takes a little look at the upcoming releases from Black Library and wonders what is the future for the company.


Black Library Live! 2012 Round Up

BLLive 2012 Banner

Like a clutch of authors tackling a collaborative project bringing forth a book containing four novellas; the Founding Fields team bring you their round-up of the event.

CP’s Bookstore Bucket List – Entry #1

The Intimate Parisian Bookshop Shakespeare and Company.  Definitely stop number one on my Literary Bucket List

Hey everyone. :) Commissar Ploss here with a bit of fun for y’all.  I’ve pulled together a few of the Bookstores that I’d like to visit before I die. Call it my Literary Bucket List. I hope you all enjoy it, and if you’ve gone to any of these places, please chime in and talk about them!