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The Revolutions by Felix Gilman – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Milo, aka “Bane of Kings”, turns his attention to Felix Gilman’s latest novel, a steampunk/science fiction novel dealing with space exploration. Entitled The Revolutions, you can find it published by Tor Books in the USA and Corsair in the UK.

“A flawed but fun high concept steampunk novel that is pretty entertaining to read.” ~Bane of Kings,  The Founding Fields



The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

The Rithmatist

Bane of Kings reviews Brandon Sanderson’s epic young adult novel The Rithmatist.

“A blend of Harry Potter and Steampunk, written by the fantasy master who gave us The Mistborn Trilogy. Compelling, creative and enthralling – The Rithmatist may well be one of the best Young Adult reads of 2013.” ~The Founding Fields

Theatre of the Gods by Matt Suddain – Advance Review [Bane of Kings]

Theatre of the Gods

Bane of Kings writes a review for Matt Suddain’s space-opera/steampunk novel, Theatre of the Gods, released on June 27 in the UK from Jonathan Cape Books. 

“A wonderful, weird tale that stands in contention with The Age Atomic by Adam Christopher for being one of the most fun reads of 2013. A delight to read.” ~The Founding Fields

The Emperor of All Things by Paul Witcover – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

The Emperor of All Things

Bane of Kings reviews The Emperor of All Things by Paul Witcover, a fun Steampunk novel published by Transworld Books in the UK.

“The Emperor of All Things is one of the most fun reads I’ve had so far in 2013. Very brilliant.” ~The Founding Fields

Strange Chemistry Double – Emilie & The Hollow World and The Holders [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews two of Strange Chemistry’s latest young adult fantasy titles.

On Emilie & The Hollow World: “This is an action-adventure novel that is very reminiscent of Jules Verne’s classic, A Journey To The Center of The Earth. Hence, my conclusion is that the novel is a work of genius.

On The Holders: “An Irish fantasy that reads like an X-men novelisation. Which means of course that this was pretty damn good, no mistake.”

Random House Double – A Conspiracy of Alchemists and The Hammer of Angels [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews two more upcoming novels by Del Rey/Random House, the steampunk adventure A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz and the spy thriller The Hammer of Angels by G.T. Almasi, the second of his Shadowstorm series.

On A Conspiracy of Alchemists:A truly fantastic steampunk debut, A Conspiracy of Alchemists is one of the most engaging novels I’ve read in recent weeks.” ~The Founding Fields

On The Hammer of Angels: “Not exactly as good as his debut, Almasi still tells a masterful story about identity, revenge and family against the backdrop of a Cold War-era styled world.” ~The Founding Fields

The Horns of Ruin by Tim Akers – Book Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews his first ever steampunk-fantasy read and comes away with an interest in reading more.

“Relatively fast paced with some really vivid world-building, this is a novel with a compelling complexity to it that just makes you want to go on reading and not stop.” ~The Founding Fields

Notable Sci-Fi/Fantasy Releases – February 2012


You may remember at the end of January, Bane of Kings wrote a piece entitled Notable Sci-Fi/Fantasy Releases – January 2012. Well, now that it is past the end of February, he puts up the February’s most Notable Sci-Fi/Fantasy releases for you to check out.

Kultus by Richard Ford – Video Book Review [Commissar Ploss/djinn24]


Commissar Ploss and djinn24 sit down to discuss Kultus by Richard Ford. Published by Solaris Books. This review marks the first in a hopefully long line of Video Book Reviews.

Empire State by Adam Christoper – Book Review [Shadowhawk]


Shadowhawk reviews Angry Robot Books’ most recent release, the debut noir/science-fiction novel by Adam Christopher.

“If Empire State could play poker, you would be out of your money by the end of the night. You cannot out-bluff this one!” ~ The Founding Fields