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Uncovering Angels and Demons With @Animreh

The Season of Storm - The Raziel Codex

…there are rumours about a place, where the souls go to die. There are rumours about a place, where the wind sounds like a sigh and raindrops look like tears. There are rumours about a place in old tales where the angels goes to mourn, and where each old wound is torn open again… 
Animreh invites you on a journey to follow the history of mankind and immortals. Animreh shows you the mysterious archangel, Raziel and his battle between love and faith. The un-told story of the beginning of the Nephilyn and the Great War of Angels. Will Raziel stay in Heaven with his love, Yura or will he follow his destiny and join to Lucifer?

Michael J Flagg’s Tricks Of The Self-Publishing Trade

the learning curve cover

Michael J Flagg is the writer behind The Learning Curve of a First Time Self-Published Writer Online. He is a retired university lecturer who nowadays takes part in live theatre, an interest of Michael’s throughout his working life. You may know him for his first book following the life of Arthur Edwin Simms. An impressive tome, Michael chose to self-publish and this is what inspired his latest works. Michael’s experiences as a self-published writer are used as a basis to forewarn and forearm budding writers of some of the frustrations and pitfalls they might encounter when self-publishing.

Michael-FlaggWhen we asked Michael why he decided to write a book about self-publishing, he told us that writing his first book and self-publishing was an experience that other budding writers might profit by. He suggested it would be useful for college and university libraries dealing with leisure, tourism and hospitality. Michael also told us that he would have benefited from reading the book in his own time of self-publishing. The Learning Curve of a First Time Self-Published Writer Online (or The Learning Curve to quote from here onwards) is essentially a sequel to his original biography of Arthur Edwin Simms. It discusses the frustration and loneliness of being an online self-published writer. A unique aspect of the book that you may not be aware of is in chapter one; Michael has made references to Punch and Judy performances as well as a suggested link to Loggie Baird. These directly follow on from Michael’s first book, so you might want to have a read before fully understanding the hints!

Having experienced the highs and lows of self-publishing first-hand, we asked Michael what the most rewarding and difficult aspects are. He told us “the most difficult aspect is being or feeling entirely alone, especially when trying to decipher technical instructions online”. Of course, the most rewarding thing is finally seeing the book in print.

As previously mentioned, Michael has followed his love of theatre throughout his working life. He started with a two-year part time acting diploma at Mountview Theatre School, and twelve years with the Tavistock Repertory Company at Canonbury Tower, Islington. He also performed with other companies at The Cockpit, Webber Douglas, Rudolph Steiner Regent’s Park and the Kenneth More Theatre Ilford Essex including some directing. Now, living in Kent, he performs for the Dickens Players and the Hilderstone Players and has taken on professional engagements with Gordon Clarkson Productions at Margate.

Michael hopes to receive a positive reaction from aspiring writers about The Learning Curve, particularly those contemplating biographies similar to his own. His expertise in the industry leave us no doubts for the book’s success in helping others along the self-publishing path.


Computer Security Expert Mike Smart’s Book, Gatekeeper


Planes inexplicably colliding, economies in disarray. A psychotic businessman has brought the world to its knees. Can a former Special Forces operative with the help of a damaged Cambridge Professor save a bride to be and avoid worldwide anarchy? They have twenty-four hours to try!

Why I wrote Run & Break by Hugh Pryor.


One night, Hugh Pryor was having a beer when a lovely blonde forensic scientist from Yorkshire came up to me and said: ‘Hugh, we’ve run out of books to read. Go and write us a book! You write articles for magazines, so just make them a bit longer!” That was to be the start of Hugh’s writing career.

He tells The Founding Fields all about how his experiences flying in Africa on contract inspired his first book Run & Break.

A Wizard of Dreams. A Rare Gem Nestled in The Kindle Store.


Hordes of books pile ever higher in The Amazon Kindle Store: thousands of new ones per day. Who has the time to check them all out? No one… And who defines ‘quality’ anymore…?

At The Founding Fields and Publishing Push we’re always on the lookout for hidden gems amongst those piles of books: quality-writing by little known authors unlikely to be noticed unless people like us draw your attention to them. But how to find them – that’s the challenge. That’s why a review by accomplished writer Stephan Myers caught our eye recently. He was writing about Robin Chambers’ book A Wizard of Dreams (Book 1 in the Myrddin’s Heir series):

Ian Ingram On Writing About What You Know.


Ian Ingram is a firm believer in the age old advice that you should write about what you know. He has used his extensive knowledge and experience working in antiques to write a gripping novel. Many of the staff here at Publishing Push have been reading the book and we can’t put it down! Ian talks about his inspiration for writing Old Secrets.

Fearbreeders: A New Reading Experience by Richard James


Author Richard James stops by TFF to sink our collective psyche into the murk of uncertainty! He literally blew our minds with this new concept of his. Have a look and see for yourself how your experience with eBooks may never be the same again. Richard gives a look behind his process for creating his new novel Fearbreeders and how making it a “cross-media” project may have just changed the game… for the better!

“There’s a strong possibility that Fearbreeders may be the most innovative use of cross-media I’ve ever seen… Richard James has just changed the game, folks.” -Commissar Ploss, The Founding Fields

Tim Weed Talks About How History Formed The Characters In His Novel


Tim Weed, author of Will Poole’s Island stops by TFF and gives us a look at how history had a pivotal role in shaping the characters in his new novel!


Angry Robot 4th Anniversary Contest!

To celebrate their 4th year of providing absolutely outstanding books Angry Robot Books has this really neat contest, especially if you live in the UK. Read below for detail!

Author Interview – Brian McClellan


In a break from the regular schedule of reviews, Shadowhawk and The Founding Fields bring to you an interview with Brian McClellan, the author of Promise of Blood, an upcoming fantasy debut that is already making a lot of waves before it is released next month.