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Find Out More About ‘A Night Of All Evil’

As promised in yesterday’s post, here is a synopsis of Jean Shorney’s new book, ‘A Night Of All Evil’. Be ready for the release, coming soon!

Freya Monroe is essentially a medium. Or at least that is the persona she displays, even to her second husband. Only the coven, The Hecate Circle, to which she once belonged know she is a witch. Ten years earlier, not long after she was married, Freya was disillusioned by some of the heinous acts the coven perpetrated and chose to leave. The Circle, though angry with her decision,were unwilling to destroy the woman possessed of such incredible powers. They extended no such courtesy to her husband however. Richard Fleming, a young Cambridge lecturer, was found burned to death at the wheel of his car. The interior remained untouched.

Now Freya has married again, to one-eyed, ex-U.S Army Captain Nicholas Monroe and they have a six year old son Simon. Freya’s powers are such that she can tell when someone is about to die. Visiting the Berkshire mansion of retired industrialist, Sir Frederick Murchison, they are engaged in a mundane conversation, when Freya witnesses Sir Frederick’s face change to that of a living skull. This means that he will die within the year. Although in shock, she is compelled to continue as if nothing has happened. Alan, Sir Fred’s son arrives with a young woman, Leona McCluskey. Leona is a member of The Hecate Circle, taken under the wing of their High Priestess, Rose Dowlan. The Circle want Freya back. She is the only one powerful enough to ensure their leader, Dante LeVey, returns from the grave. LeVey died of cancer the eve of the Millennium. It was rumoured the cancer was sent by another warlock. Still a young man when he passed, he promised to return thirteen years later.

Leona, who is blonde, seductive, and appears to be more interested in Freya’s husband than she is in Alan, has been sent to test Freya’s powers. She does, at dinner, when Simon Monroe finds worms in his food. Though Freya is swift to reassure him there aren’t any worms, she realises they have a witch in their midst. Aware of the danger to her family, plus the fear that she might lose her husband if he discovers she was once the High Priestess in a Satanic Coven, Freya resists all their efforts to pull her back.

The night chosen for LeVey’s resurrection is All Hallows Eve. The place Highgate. Two young girls are murdered by Leona’s drug addled brother Danny, alhough he prefers the name Goethe from the writer of ‘Faust’. One of the dead girls, Angela, appears to Freya to inform her that her body will be found on the Common. Goethe volunteers to kill the girls. Not simply for the gratification of his own sadistic ends,but in hope that he will be chosen to host LeVey’s body. D.I Talbot, a somewhat jaded police officer, is called into investigate, but comes up against all sorts of cranks with their own idea of who killed the girls. Drawing an inverted cross on the girls’ bodies with their own blood, quickly testifies to the fact the murders were sacrificial Rituals.

As the night of LeVey’s resurrection arrives, Alan Murchison is chosen as the host body. Talbot, aided by a learned friend of Freya’s, Professor Rushton, journeys to Highgate. To the old ruined church where the resurrection is to be performed. When Simon is kidnapped and held powerless by a demon summoned by an ancient witch, who perpetuates her longevity by stealing young bodies, Freya is left with no other choice than to conduct the resurrection. Nick sets out to rescue her, the all-action hero, armed and astride his Harley Davidson.

Unbeknown to everyone, including the Circle, Freya is possessed of her own weapons, Holy Water and her faith to defeat the witches. But the Satanist is strong and Alan has been in love with Freya for a long while. Freya was LeVey’s lover before Richard came along. The men, now united as one, plan to reclaim her. With Talbot and Rushton’s help, Nick is determined not to lose the woman be loves. But is love really strong enough to triumph over evil?

A New Addition To The World Of Horror From Jean Shorney

Lovers of horror and the darkly gothic, rejoice! ‘Night Of All Evil’ is Jean Shorney’s up and coming thriller, so if you enjoy a little guts with your bloody fiction, watch this space for the release. Some of the scenes are quite horrific, though lovers of crime thrillers should enjoy the book also! You may already know about some of Jean Shorney’s bestselling novels to date, including ‘Progeny of a Killer’ and ‘Stalking Aidan’ but the story behind her journey to writing these books is just as fascinating…

Step Into Another Universe With @CherylKoevoet

the carnelian legacy

Cheryl Koevoet is the author of The Carnelian Legacy and its sequels, with a fascinating story that has led to her becoming a writer.

Take a look at this article on to find out more about Cheryl. If you aren’t already aware of the fabulous Carnelian series, here is a summary of the first book…

“Marisa MacCallum always believed that the man of her dreams was out there somewhere. The problem is – he’s in another dimension.

Uncovering Angels and Demons With @Animreh

The Season of Storm - The Raziel Codex

…there are rumours about a place, where the souls go to die. There are rumours about a place, where the wind sounds like a sigh and raindrops look like tears. There are rumours about a place in old tales where the angels goes to mourn, and where each old wound is torn open again… 
Animreh invites you on a journey to follow the history of mankind and immortals. Animreh shows you the mysterious archangel, Raziel and his battle between love and faith. The un-told story of the beginning of the Nephilyn and the Great War of Angels. Will Raziel stay in Heaven with his love, Yura or will he follow his destiny and join to Lucifer?

Hazy Dusk: A Debut Fantasy by Orjuana Khudari

hazy dusk

Orjuana Khudari grew up in Saudi Arabia, with Arabic as her first language. She has since moved to England with her family, learned the challenging language and successfully published a book in English, Hazy Dusk: Yesterday Morning the Sun Shone Bright, Today Earth Saw No Light. Having written Hazy Dusk at the juvenile age of seventeen, Orjuana has a long career of writing ahead of her, that she is hoping to pursue in the near future.

Night Walker: Aaron Speer’s Take on the Unwritten Side of Vampires


“Although I rarely read vampire stories, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. An erotic and exciting tale about vampires in Australia.” Amazon review


Vampire fiction is a genre sure to have been covered by most avid readers, however Aaron Speer’s new novel is certainly not your typical vampire story. Set in Sydney, Australia, Night Walker strays from the cliche Gothic castles you may find in the novels surrounding this one on your local library bookshelf.

A Wizard of Dreams. A Rare Gem Nestled in The Kindle Store.


Hordes of books pile ever higher in The Amazon Kindle Store: thousands of new ones per day. Who has the time to check them all out? No one… And who defines ‘quality’ anymore…?

At The Founding Fields and Publishing Push we’re always on the lookout for hidden gems amongst those piles of books: quality-writing by little known authors unlikely to be noticed unless people like us draw your attention to them. But how to find them – that’s the challenge. That’s why a review by accomplished writer Stephan Myers caught our eye recently. He was writing about Robin Chambers’ book A Wizard of Dreams (Book 1 in the Myrddin’s Heir series):

Fearbreeders: A New Reading Experience by Richard James


Author Richard James stops by TFF to sink our collective psyche into the murk of uncertainty! He literally blew our minds with this new concept of his. Have a look and see for yourself how your experience with eBooks may never be the same again. Richard gives a look behind his process for creating his new novel Fearbreeders and how making it a “cross-media” project may have just changed the game… for the better!

“There’s a strong possibility that Fearbreeders may be the most innovative use of cross-media I’ve ever seen… Richard James has just changed the game, folks.” -Commissar Ploss, The Founding Fields

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

City of Stairs

Milo, aka “Bane of Kings”, reviews Robert Jackson Bennett’s critically praised fantasy novel, City of Stairs, published by Broadway Books in the USA and Jo Fletcher Books in the UK. This review copy was sent by the publisher, and It is currently available to buy now.

“An excellent novel that will pull you in with an imaginative world and fascinating characters. It’s one of those books that you won’t be able to stop reading, and it’s one of those books that definitely lives up to all the hype.” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #1) by Erika Johansen – Book Review [Lady Salvatore]

Queen of the Tearling

Lady Salvatore finds an exciting start
to a brand new fantasy trilogy in
The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

“Incredible world building and fantastic characters! What a book!” – Lady Salvatore, The Founding Fields