David “Commissar” Ploss

Your Fearless Leader:

Commissar Ploss

A little bit about Herr Ploss:

Commissar Ploss started his humble beginnings like the rest of us.  A sniveling fan-boy devoid of any modicum of rational thought.  Having been playing 40k and Fantasy since being able to hold a blast template (THE BIG ONE!), Herr Ploss has mystified the world with his gaming prowess (or so he says).  At the age of 14 he discovered a most sacred tome in the bowels of an antique store book corner (sad though it may be, Herr Ploss enjoys antiquing, *cough*).  Within this beaten, tattered remnant of a paperback were words that would shake Herr Ploss to his core.  Words that would make him question his purpose as a gamer, nay, as a human being!  Those words were:

“Men of Tanith! Do you want to live FOREVER!”
At that moment, Herr Ploss had an epiphany.  He decided that he would, against all reason and better judgment, pursue his new-found passion (quite new, as the words above were read mere seconds before said epiphany) for writing.
Herr Ploss had always dabbled in the written arts.  Labeled a Heretic and ridiculed for writing poetry in middle school, he soon found himself thrust into deepest depths of his conscious mind. Left there to probe the very lobes of creation and imagination, he emerged years later into High School a short story writer.  However, the halls of Institution are not kind to the souls of the creative, and a rough 4 years followed.

 Having broken the bonds of structure (just barely, he is quick to add), Herr Ploss emerged into a world that would just as soon kill you as look at you.  It was no place for a struggling writer. But… Where to turn? Where, he thought, could he find more people like himself.  Surely there must be more of his kind abroad?  More of these “Fan Fiction” writers.  Alas, whilst stumbling about on the interwebs one afternoon, Herr Ploss found a site called Heresy-Online.  No, he thought. This could not be! A place for people like him!?  Surely this was a mirage, shimmering amongst the never ending dunes of his despair.  A mirage set to tear asunder what little hope he had left.  But Lo! It was no mirage! In fact, it was a place that would eventually grow to be his home away from home.  His passion, his duty, his job, and ultimately his family.

Herr Ploss found himself entering his first fan fiction competition in 2008.  On the boards of Heresy-Online no less.  Which he would win with the short story “At The End of All Things,” and be crowned Heresy’s first Fan Fiction King, a title which still fills him with pride to this day (the dunce cap is still framed in his office. quite a beautiful shadow box).  Commissar Ploss has written a continuing series (on Heresy-Online) of educational discussions called “The Writer’s Circle,” now in its 15th Issue.  An Index of the discussions can be found on Heresy here. (He also asks that everyone contribute whenever possible, the discussions are never closed.)

The Writer’s Circle posts saw Herr Ploss inducted into the Heresy-Online staff not a few months later.  As such, he found a growing family and welcome atmosphere amongst his fellow staffers and mods.  He was initially appointed the Fiction Moderator for his efforts with the Writer’s Circle posts, however, a month later he was dubbed the Fluff Moderator as well, splitting his duties between the Original Works section of Heresy-Online and the 40k and Fantasy fluff sections (much to his delight!)

In his 20’s now and finishing his first contracted sci-fi novel, Herr Ploss continues to be a fixture with Heresy-Online as well as quickly becoming one of its Elders (or so he would like to be remembered).  And so he brings you The Founding Fields, a Black Library and Fiction News site.  His latest venture to expand the wargaming community.  Herr Ploss plans on being around for a long time, as neither his passion nor his prowess with the written word is waning.

 Commissar Ploss resides in the small town of Antioch, Illinois.  It’s a bit of a backwater, but he enjoys it all the same.

(Biography by xANONY-MOUSEx, dear friend and heavenly menace.  Thanks mate! -CP)