Cold Frame by P.T. Deutermann


P. T. Deutermann is an author I discovered while in Iraq and have liked ever since. In the book Cold Frame by P.T Deutermann we find Detective Sergeant Av Smith of the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department is suddenly thrown into the world of Counterterrorism and the ominous Kill List. Av Smith is a likeable guy in this book, surrounded by the rest of the guys in the Briar Patch, a section of MPD designated to pass along federal cases to a federal force.

There are many moments in this book where I laughed out loud at the humor. The characters are amazing and in the Audiobook Dan Hill does an amazing job bringing them to life. This book was more of an action thriller with a very small dose of mystery. It was entertaining enough to keep me turning the pages but I wish it had been more of a ‘who done it’ like Deutermann other works. There are some plot twists, but for the most part you know what’s going on and are just long for the ride.
I recommend this book. The writing is great, character development was top notch and the narration was brilliantly performed.
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