The Top 20 Comics That You Should Be Looking Out For On 24 July 2013

Hunger #1

Bane of Kings runs down the Top 20 Comics that you should be looking out for on 24 July 2013.

There seem to be a lot of comics coming out  this week, which is great if you’re a fan like myself. Top Picks for this week include Aquaman #22, which although doesn’t have a solicit for some reason, does promise to further the awesome Death of a King storyline. Also at DC, Calvin Rose struggles to escape Santa Prisca in Talon #10, and Trinity War continues with Justice League Dark #22. IDW see the return of The Rocketeer and the Spirit under Mark Waid and Image have Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus continuing with #2. Elsewhere, Marvel see the adventures of the Young Avengers continue in #8, with The Superior Spider-Man getting ready to take down Shadowland to the ground in #14. You can view all the comics released today here, as well as check out the ones that I’m picking up here. Feel free to let me know what you’re getting in the comments section below or at Twitter (@baneofkings, with the hashtag #ncbd).


The Massive #14

The Massive #14

Story: Brian Wood | Artist: Garry Brown | Colours: Dave Stewart | Cover Artist: J. P. Leon | Price: $3.50

Closed off by rising seas and permanent power loss, New York City has been reduced to a graveyard of empty buildings. The devastation hits Ryan—the only American member of the crew—hard, and the homecoming she dreamed of for the last year is fraught with terror and betrayal. Will Ninth Wave’s mission finally meet its end?

“Brian Wood’s The Massive proves that there’s room for political comics.”—Complex

“The Massive is clearly one of the best books of 2012.” —Comic Book Resources


All Star Western #22

All Star Western #22

Story: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti | Art: Moritat & Staz Johnson | Colours: Mike Atiyeh | Letters: Rob Leigh | Cover: Howard Porter | Price: $2.99

After being locked in Arkham Asylum, Jonah Hex goes on the run with a partner, who’s family he’s all too familiar with from his days with Amadeus Arkham.

And in the backup story, the epic of the 19th century StormWatch continues.

Aquaman #22

Aquaman #22

Story: Geoff Johns | Art:  Paul Pelletier & Sean Parsons | Cover: Paul Pelletier & Sean Parsons | Price: $2.99

Death of a King, Part 4. 

Batman / Superman #2

Batman & Superman #2

Story: Greg Pak | Art: Jae Lee | Cover: Jae Lee | Price: $3.99

Batman and Superman travel to Earth 2, where they find familiar heroes who are trying to kill them!

Constantine #5

Constantine #5

Story: Ray Fawkes | Art: Renato Guedes | Colours: Marcelo Maiolo | Letters: Taylor Esposito | Cover: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, & Brad Anderson | Price: $2.99

As the Trinity War rages around him, John Constantine takes a keen interest in Billy Batson’s power of Shazam! But does he want to mentor Billy or destroy him?

The Flash #22

The Flash #22

Story: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato | Art: Francis Manapul | Cover: Francis Manapul | Price: $2.99

History is made when The Flash comes face to face with Reverse Flash for the first time!

Justice League Dark #22

Justice League Dark #22

Story: Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes | Art: Mikel Janin | Cover: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado | Price: $2.99


A member of the Justice League defects to Justice League Dark. But what does Constantine know about this murder that he isn’t telling? And what dark secret does one of our Leaguers hold that could turn the tide of this Justice League War?

Talon #10

Talon #10

Story: James Tynion IV | Art: Miguel Sepulveda | Cover: Miguel Sepulveda | Price: $2.99

Can Calvin escape Santa Prisca, the most dangerous island on the planet? Or will he fall at the hands of its ruler, Bane?


The Rocketeer / The Spirit: Pulp Friction #1

The Rocketeer & The Spirt - Pulp Friction #1

Story: Mark Waid | Art: Paul Smith | Cover: Paul Smith | Price: $3.99

The Spirit, created by Will Eisner, and The Rocketeer, created by Dave Stevens, are two of the most beloved characters in the history of comics. Now, these two great pulp-inspired heroes meet for the very first time! A Central City Councilman disappears and is found dead in Los Angeles. Commissioner Dolan, along with Denny Colt (AKA The Spirit) and his daughter Ellen in tow, treks out to the City of Angels to investigate. Meanwhile, Cliff Secord (The Rocketeer) consoles his sweetheart Betty… who is traumatized after accidentally discovering the politicians body!

Judge Dredd #9

Judge Dredd #9

Story: Duane Swierczynski | Art: Nelson Daniel, Antonio Fuso | Cover: Nelson Daniel | Price: $3.99

The Cursed Earth, Pt. 1 —As chaotic and violent as things can be in Mega-City One, it’s all unicorns, ice cream and rainbows compared to what you’ll find beyond the outer walls… in the CURSED EARTH! In the wake of the devastation of The Long Fail, Dredd is forced to lead a small team of Judges into the scariest stretch of irradiated wasteland to recover the very soul of the city…


Lazarus #2

Lazarus #2

Story: Greg Rucka | Art by Michael Lark | Cover: Michael Lark | Price: $2.99

“FAMILY,” Part Two

The Carlyle Family has been attacked by their enemies to the south, and Forever’s father suspects a conspiracy amongst his children. To root it out, he sends Forever into the arms of the enemy, Family Morray.


Captain America #9

Captain America #9

Story: Rick Remender | Art: John Romita Jr. | Cover: John Romita Jr. | Price: $3.99

• With the only way back to Earth slowly closing forever, Captain America must make the hardest decision of his life.

• A new ally from the past arrives, and makes everything worse.

• Zola’s plot is hatched, humanity in the crosshairs.

• The final days Dimension Z are here, and if Steve Rogers escapes intact, he will never be the same again.

Hawkeye Annual #1

Hawkeye Annual #1

Story: Matt Fraction | Art: Javier Pulido | Cover: Javier Pulido | Price: $4.99

• Go west, young lady! Kate Bishop heads to Los Angeles — to get away from New York, life, and Clint Barton?

• … but NOT trouble!

• But Madame Masque is hanging out at poolside with the rich and famous as well!

• Who is Kate Bishop? Find out alongside Kate Bishop herself as a wild new status quo comes to HAWKEYE.

Hunger #1 (of #4)

Hunger #1

Story: Joshua Hale Fialkov | Art: Leonard Kirk | Cover: Adi Granov | Price: $3.99

• The fallout from AGE OF ULTRON rips open a dangerous rift in the universe!

• Prepare for a hunger so strong, that no universe is safe.

• Is this the beginning of the end?

The Superior Spider-Man #14

Superior Spiderman #14

Story: Dan Slott | Art: Humberto Ramos | Cover: Humberto Ramos | Price: $3.99

• It’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MONTH as the biggest new book of the year brings you its biggest twist yet!

• The Superior Spider-Man takes down Shadowland.

• All of it. To the ground.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1

Superior Spiderman Team-Up #1

Story: Christopher Yost | Art: David Lopez | Cover: Paolo Rivera | Price: $3.99



Uncanny Avengers #10

Uncanny Avengers #10

Story: Rick Remender | Art: Daniel Acuna | Cover: John Cassaday | Price: $3.99

• Ragnar?k Now continues!


What if? AvX #3 (of #4)

What if... AvX #3

Story: Jimmy Palmiotti | Art: Jorge Molina | Cover: Jorge Molina | Price: $3.99

• The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

• We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men? but what if the story had gone differently?

• The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

• Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!

Young Avengers #8

Young Avengers #8

Story: Kieron Gillen | Art: Jamie McKelvie & Mike Norton | Colours: Matthew Wilson | Cover: Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson | Price: $2.99

The Young Avengers desperately race across the multiverse. Nothing can stop their pursuit of their missing friend. Except the urge to stop and take photos, obv.

Lots of cleverly hidden exposition.

Kieron decides it’s time to make all the JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY readers scream.


Harbringer #14

Harbringer #14

Story: Joshua Dysart | Art: Khari Evans & Trevor Hairsine | Cover: Clayton Crain & Patrick Zircher

Choosing sides is never easy – especially when the decision could get you killed. As the Harbinger Wars reach their boiling point, Peter and his team must decide what role to play as the lines between friend and foe blur and the casualties pile high all around them. But just when all seems lost, a new ally will emerge from the unlikeliest of places – and Peter Stanchek’s ragtag band of teenage psiots will add a new hero to their ranks. Who will join the Harbinger Renegades?!

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