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Shadowhawk takes a look at one of the most exciting bits of comics news from San Diego Comic Con.

“As a Gail Simone, Dark Horse, and Tomb Raider fan, all I can say is that I wish I had a time-machine. That is all.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

San Diego Comic Con 2013 was an event where there was a lot of exciting news revealed about upcoming comics. DC intensified all the speculations and interest in its Villains Month with more details on the Forever Evil event. Marvel talked about Jason Aaron’s upcoming Amazing X-Men series. Alyssa Milano and Archaia were on hand to talk more about her upcoming project Hacktivist. Top Cow talked about their plans to actively develop a The Darkness movie that would also feature Witchblade. And so on. However, for me, nothing was as mind-blowing as the Dark Horse announcement that Gail Simone, who has been writing about female superheroes for a long, long time, and successfully at that, would be working on a Tomb Raider series next year. The series is meant to be a bridgehead between the latest Tomb Raider game and its as-yet-unannounced sequel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI discovered Gail Simone’s work last year through Batgirl, one of DC’s launch titles for New 52 where Barbara Gordon was brought back as the titular character after a long stint as the wheelchair-bound Oracle, following a home assault by Joker and his thugs which left her paralysed. Despite all the opposition from certain corners of fandom, Gail has pushed on through with the title and it is one of DC’s better selling titles right now. The occasional overlap with Scott Snyder’s bestselling Batman hasn’t hurt either. I’m definitely a fan of her work on Batgirl. Not to mention that I began reader her work on Birds of Prey as well this year, both the original run and the reboot that followed, and I’ve been even more impressed. And my fascination with her work has continued on through her latest brand-new series The Movement (DC Comics) and Red Sonja (Dynamite), the first issue of which came out last week and was excellent.

Dark Horse I’ve had a much longer relationship with. I’ve been reading their various Star Wars comics for almost seven years and it has been a great time. At the moment I’m hooked on their Angel & Faith comics from Christos Gage and have been experimenting with some of their titles as well, mostly adaptations of television and gaming stuff. And I haven’t been disappointed, for the most part. And with all the stuff that they have in the pipeline, especially with regards to ongoing series like Star Wars by Brian Wood (among others), the future is even more exciting when combined with the news that they are also going to be doing Tomb Raider comics.

Tomb Raider WP1Which brings me to the source material itself. I wasn’t really a fan of Tomb Raider back in the day, but the Angelina Jolie movies brought me around. Sure, those movies have their faults and aren’t the best video game adaptations ever (few actually are, if ever), but these were still quite good. And then, when I was working on my video games degree at college and was working on a Nintendo DS platformer project, I started playing a Tomb Raider game (the name escapes me at the moment), and I fell in love once again. I haven’t bought the reboot yet, because I’ve generally taken time off video games, but following this announcement, I just might get it now. There’s more than enough motivation!

To take all that into context (apologies for any rambling), what I’m trying to get at is that this news from Dark Horse is really, really awesome. Gail has a history of writing female characters really well. You just need to look at her work with Black Canary, Batgirl, Birds of Prey etc to see that. For me, she is right up there with the industry bigwigs like James Robinson, Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker and others. Where Gail goes, I follow. So seeing her taking on another project, especially one with a character as nuanced and well-developed with a ton of rich history is just fantastic. And Dark Horse has rarely disappointed me, so I have pretty much full faith in them to deliver a solid finished product.

To indulge in a bit of a fan-moment, when I heard about this the other day, my reaction was this: *(jumping up and down) YES, YES, YES, YES!*

Any way, one of my favourite entertainment blogs, The Mary Sue, also did an article on this and Brooke Jaffe’s words are so much more concise than mine. She takes a look at several things and offers some direct commentary on Gail’s interview with Kotaku. So check them all out!

And just to tide you over until more information is released, here’s some amazing artwork from Dan Dos Santos that was shown at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

Tomb Raider 2013

(Click for full sized artwork)


So, what do you think? Are you excited? Have you played the game? Have you read any of Gail’s previous work? Are you reading Gail right now? Do you think that Dark Horse has a good history of adapting video games to the comics format? Tell us in the comments!

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