The Top 20 Comics That You Should Be Looking Out For On Wednesday 19 June 2013

Batwoman #21

Bane of Kings runs down a list of the Top 20 comics that you should be looking out for on Wednesday 19 June 2013.

It’s another Wednesday, and that means New Comic Book Day! We have a more varied selection of comics this week, with Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin getting its third issue from Dark Horse Comics, whilst DC has Batwoman with a new artist, Green Lantern New Guardians gets a new creative team, Invincible reaches its staggering 103rd issue over at Image, GRRM’s Game of Thrones epic continues to be retold by Daniel Abraham in comic format, whilst Marvel host an Avengers heavy week, featuring the buildup to Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming six-issue Infinity story arc. The comics that I’m picking up this week can be found here, and check out everything that’s being released today here. Now, without further ado – here’s the comics:


Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #3 (of #5)

Star Wars - Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #3

Story: Tim Siedell | Pencils: Ivan Fernandez | Inks: Denis Frietas | Colours: Michael Atiyeh | Cover: Ariel Olivetti

Darth Vader’s search for the culprits behind an assassination attempt on the Emperor leads to a shattered Star Destroyer floating lifeless above a mysterious moon. On the ground he finds no survivors—instead ancient ruins, and frightening inhabitants. All the while, a hunter follows, waiting for the moment to strike!


Animal Man #21

Animal Man #21

Story: Jeff Lemire | Art: Steve Pugh & Francis Portela | Cover: Jae Lee

“SPLINTER SPECIES” begins here as Buddy’s grief and increasing celebrity threaten to tear him apart.
Plus, a major new antagonist is revealed!

Batman and Batgirl #21

Batman and Batgirl #21

Story: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Cliff Richards | Cover: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray

What deal would you make to bring someone back from the dead? And in this issue, it’s Batman vs. Batgirl!

Batwoman #21

Batwoman #21

Story: J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman | Art: Franceso Francavilla | Cover: J.H. Williams III

In the aftermath of the Medusa ordeal, Killer Croc is rescued by a mysterious cult…but what connection do they have with Batwoman, and why do they need to see her die?

Birds of Prey #21

Birds of Prey #21

Story: Christy Marx | Art: Romano Molenaar & Vicente Cifuentes | Cover: Romano Molenaar & Vicente Cifuentes

The Birds are forced to work with Calvin Rose in order to protect one of their own in this confrontation that continues in this month’s TALON #9!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #21

Green Lantern New Guardians #21

Story: Justin Jordan | Art: Bradley Walker & Andrew Hennessy | Cover: Rafael Albuquerque & Rags Morales

The Templar Guardians have been locked away for millennia, but they have a VERY clear idea of what they need to do next — and of all the Lanterns in the universe, they need Kyle Rayner’s help. So it’s a shame he wants nothing to do with them! But once he sees the strange anomaly lurking at the edge of the universe, he may have no choice but to get on board with their mission…

Justice League of America’s Vibe #5

Justice League of America's Vibe #5

Story: Sterling Gates | Art: Pete Woods & Sean Parsons | Colours: Brad Anderson | Letters: Taylor Esposito | Cover: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse

On the run from A.R.G.U.S., Vibe jumps into the crosshairs of the Suicide Squad!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #21

Red Hood and the Outlaws #21

Story: James Tynion IV | Art: Julius Gopez & Ken Lashley | Colours: Nei Ruffino | Letters: Taylor Esposito |Cover: Al Barrionuevo & Javier Mena

There is a bounty on the heads of the Outlaws, and Jason can’t remember what he did to cause it.

Supergirl #21

Supergirl #21

Story: Michael Alan Nelson | Art: Mahmud Asrar | Cover: Mahmud Asrar

It’s Supergirl vs. the mysterious Mekka—but what is the secret of this new menace? And what is Lex Luthor’s envoy Alphina planning against Kara?

Wonder Woman #21

Wonder Woman #21

Story: Brian Azzarello | Art: Cliff Chiang | Cover: Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman’s already reeling from the battle of a lifetime. How can she possibly withstand an all-out attack from her eldest brother, the deadly First Born? London’s in ruins, Diana’s family is shattered, and gods old and new will feel the First Born’s wrath!


George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones #15

Game of Thrones #15

Story: George R.R. Martin & Daniel Abraham | Art: Tommy Patterson | Cover: Mike S. Miller

George R. R. Martin’s fantasy masterpiece continues!

With her unborn son proclaimed “the stallion who mounts the world,” Daenarys has more cause than ever to rejoice in her marriage to Khal Drogo. But when her brother, the mad Viserys, demands his promised crown, Dany’s future takes an unexpected turn.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Robert Baratheon is mortally wounded while hunting. Robert decrees that Eddard Stark shall be Lord Regent until Prince Joffrey comes of age, but Eddard knows the boy is no son of the dying king’s. Yet where in this serpent’s nest of intrigue can he turn for help to secure the throne for the rightful heir?

And in the frozen north, Jon Snow, newly promoted to the Black Watch, suffers a shock to his pride—and takes the next fateful step toward his destiny.

Green Hornet: Legacy #38

Green Hornet Legacy #38

Story: Jai Nitz | Art: Jethro Morales | Cover: Phil Hester

What’s worse than a supervillain? Green Hornet asks that very question when he teams up with the nefarious Nikki Stripez to crack a ring of human traffickers in Century City. What will this deal with a devil cost Britt Reid? Heroes and villains unite!


G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #191

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #191

Writer: Larry Hama | Art: S.L. Garrant

G.I. JOE goes to the jungle! LADY JAYE’s team is led into the jungles of southeast Asia for a mission that will pit G.I. JOE against an enemy they thought long gone: MAJOR BLUDD! Will fortune smile on LADY JAYE and her team or will the ruthless mercenary gain the upper hand? It’s kill or be killed in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #191!

Judge Dredd Year One #3

Judge Dredd Year One #3

Story: Matt Smith | Art: Simon Coleby | Cover: Greg Staples

Anarchy is spreading in Mega-City One’s Sector 3 as the psychically powerful juves go on the rampage-and to stop the chaos and save his city Dredd must cut off a dimension’s malign influence, a reality that has already succumbed to the Four Mothers…


Invincible #103

Invincible #103

Story: Robert Kirkman | Art: Ryan Ottley & John Rauch

Angstrom Levy returns.


Age of Ultron #10 (of #10)

Age of Ultron #10

Story: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Brandon Peterson


• The biggest secret in comics will be revealed to you! An ending so confidential even the artists of this book don’t know what lies on the final pages!

• A surprise so big that comic book legend Joe Quesada himself returns to the pages of Marvel Comics to draw a sequence that people will be talking about for years!

Avengers #14

Avengers #14

Story: Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer | Art: Stefano Caselli | Cover: Leinil Francis Yu

• “THE SIGNAL” – Prelude to Infinity

• All of the Origin Sites go active as the Earth begins to communicate with something much more ancient than human civilizations.

• The Terror scientists of A.I.M. unveil the S7 program.

• Prelude to INFINITY: Part One.

New Avengers #7

New Avengers #7

Story: Jonathan Hickman | Art: Mike Deodato | Colours: Frank Martin, Rain Beredo | Letters: Joe Caramagna | Cover: Mike Deodato, Rain Beredo, Terry Dodson, & Rachel Dodson


• The cold war between Atlantis and Wakanda heats up.

• Who is the secret member of the Illuminati that many of the members do not know about?

• How does Black Bolt lie?

The Superior Spider-Man #12

Superior SpiderMan #12

Story: Dan Slott & Christos Gage | Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, & Terry Pallot | Colours: Antonio Fabela | Letters: Chris Eliopoulos | Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Edgar Delgado

• “No Escape”, Part 2 of 3

• The Raft is complete shutdown. Which means that Spider-Man, Jonah, Glory, and Norah are trapped inside with practically ALL the villains that the Superior Spider-Man has brutalized over the past 12 issues!

• It’s time for a little payback for the Spider-Slayer, Scorpion, Boomerang, and the Vulture!

Uncanny Avengers #9

Uncanny Avengers #9

Story: Rick Remender | Art: Daniel Acuña | Cover:  John Cassaday

• Ragnarök Now continues!

• A team divided. The Apocalypse Twins triumphant.

• Wolverine discovers The Midnight City and soon wishes he hadn’t.

• The Horsemen of Death shatter the Avengers body and soul!

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