The Fightin’ SceeVees by Kal-El Bogdanove – Short Story Review [Eroldren]

The Fightin' SceeVees - Mr. Jack

Eroldren concludes his spotlight review over Blizzard’s Heart of the Swarm short story series.

“Don’t disregard SCVs let alone Raider SCV; they’re quite hardy and a delightful company.” – The Founding Fields

After five months’ worth of poring over the latest cycle of StarCraft II short stories for the Heart of the Swarm expansion it has ended. It was fun while it lasted, but like anything else all things sooner or later come to a close. There were some stories I felt that deserved being explored being that the Zerg Swarm were our stars in this expansion, this cycle was great nonetheless and  I can always hope additional series can be approved that’ll help ease out the wait between 2013 and the Legacy of the Void’s release date.

Anyway, the only the question left to ask for the final installment remains to be said is: Does it prove itself to be a worthy sendoff?

When “Pearly” Bousquette signed on with Raynor’s Raiders, he knew his life was about to become much harder and infinitely more dangerous. But when he and his crew of SCV pilots are sent on a simple strip-and-rip mission, things quickly turn sour… and it’ll take all of Pearly’s ingenuity to get his crew back home alive.

Off the bat you can see there’s a slight connection between Kal-El’ Bogdanove’s “Frenzy” and “The Fightin’ SceeVees” via through Pearly himself, an old friend of Rin Shearon’s that was the protagonist from the previous story. Besides a little background history for Pearly (and a handful of others) that’s where the line is drawn and the majority of this story takes us on an entirely different road of StarCraft entertainment. In addition, being that we start off aboard the famous battlecruiser of the Koprulu Sector, the Hyperion, expect to see a couple familiar faces who make short cameos.

As to the meat of the story where Pearly and his SceeVees are dropped off on the overlooked moon of Gurdlac to fulfill a mission for Jim Raynor… That’s where the bulk of the action takes place for our SCV pilots as they work to survive, clear out an area clawing with unexpected Zerglings, and get out the goods Raynor wants harvested. And to note, the Zerglings throwing themselves at the mercy of SCVs as featured on the wonderful art cover by Luke “Mr. Jack” Mancini was pure entertainment to read. (A damn shame that our worker units in-game don’t have yet incredible fighting animation while against other small units just as Mancini depicts them here. Seeing SCV vs. Alien dogfights would be terrific.)

In short, I gotta say “The Fightin’ SceeVess” one more solid entry among many contestants that’ll readers can surely like.

Apart from a few moments that I gotten confused by a minor plot point dropped at the end of the story or going over the latter sections to help remind myself what happen, the overall experience was simply great. Kal-El Bogdanove characterization of his terran cast, standout voices, action, pacing etc. just about everything about “The Fightin’ SceeVees” did indeed feel like they belong perfectly with the overall tone of the StarCraft game franchise.

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Overall Verdict: 9/10


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