Anarchy Books Sizzling September Promotion! Free Ebooks! [Press Release]

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Anarchy Books is running a promotion with their friends over at the Geek Syndicate! Check it out, and you can get free ebooks!




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In celebration of our two September releases,TRAJECTORY by John. S. Barker on 1stSeptember, and MONSTERS ANONYMOUS by Theresa Derwin on 30thSeptember, Anarchy Books is offering a FREE EBOOK every single day of September!

We’re also running a competition with our very good friends, GEEK SYNDICATE, to win Anarchy Books’entire digital catalogue of ebooks and their associated specially composed soundtracks, and our Geek Ninja Buddies will also give you exclusive info on where to find some of the hidden links and free books available from Anarchy this September.

For more information during every Sizzling September Promo Day, visit Anarchy Books and Geek Syndicate… and remember to follow the White Rabbit…


Every day in September, a free book will be made available, linked from somewhere on the Anarchy Books website. Sometimes the White Rabbit will lead you directly there. Sometimes not. Sometimes the book will be on Amazon. Sometimes on a secret page on this site. Not that we’re trying to mess witcha head or nuffink. So… keep your eyes peeled! Root around like a pig in truffles!! And get yourself that free book…

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