Black Library Live! 2012 – First Thought [EJ Davies]

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EJ Davies gives us the first of the feedback from the weekend at Black Library Live! 2012.

So, this year we were again in Warhammer World.  Luckily, this time the organisation was much improved with the signing area to the back of the gaming hall, the rest of the gaming hall segregated, and three (count them 3!) purchasing areas.  Huzzah!  Things also for picking up seminar tickets were awesome, with tickets for each of them picked up shortly after entry, and prior to purchasing.

Purchasing was almost easy this year but that’s because I spent cash, rather than using my card so that mad things much faster.  The displays were clear and staff were very very friendly.

Seminars were much better organised this year with a 15 minute changeover slot between them to allow time to water, waste-dump, and (if required) eat.  So that’s all good.

Finally, seminar topics were good, bringing Aaron in via Skype was inspired, it’s a shame we couldn’t have Dan and/or Jim in the same manner.

But more than any of this was my chance to catch up with my buddies, which was awesome.

More tomorrow for the guys, so I shall sign out.

EJ Davies

EJ Davies: reader, reviewer, writer; and an avid lover of Black LIbrary products since the release of the seminal Horus Rising. EJ is currently working through the massive back catalogue of Black Library titles, and plugging away at his own fiction-based efforts in the vain hope of cracking his way into the author pool.

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