Incoming! Video Book Reviews!


Hello again my friends and fellow readers! CP here to let you in on another new segment we’re bringing to The Founding Fields. I’ve set out on a quest to invade Youtube and bring you a host of new and exciting video segments. One such segment you may already be familiar with; First Looks with Commissar Ploss has already done 3 episodes and i will endeavor to complete more as the days go on here.

You’ll also be happy to find out that Video Book Reviews will be coming soon, the first of which will arrive this Sunday. Djinn24 and I have sat down and chatted about Richard Ford’s new book from Solaris Books. It’s called Kultus and i think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

What had originally been planned as a sort of Video Debate between djinn24 and myself (if one of us disliked the book) quickly turned into a more loose, friendly discussion type thing. haha! I think you’ll all quite enjoy these videos, but anyways, here’s the Cover Art for the first video review we’re doing:

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