First Looks with Commissar Ploss Ep. 3 – Giant Thief by David Tallerman


Commissar Ploss brings you Episode 3 of First Looks with Commissar Ploss. You can easily view the video at the top of the Right-hand sidebar!  Please subscribe, view and enjoy!! ———————–>






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  • Abhinav Jain on Facebook

    Just wanna say, the “pic” just before your segment starts says “The Giant Theif” 😛

  • The Founding Fields on Facebook

    yes, i’m aware

  • Abhinav Jain on Facebook

    Good vid, the novel is on my list to read for feb, should be getting to it in about a week or so

  • Anonymous

    Nice outfit Commissar. Grow a beard and you could join ZZ Top. 😀

    • Commissar Ploss

      lol that’s the plan! 😀