US Game Day 2011 – Black Library Q&A

Well howdy folks, I’ve got plenty to show you today. This past weekend was Games Workshop’s US Games Day. :) While i did record a few other videos, the one i wanted to upload was the Black Library Q&A session in the late morning of that Saturday. The only video of the session was taken by me, so you can’t find this anywhere else. :) Please enjoy, i will include the show notes for your convenience.


The Black Library Q&A Session from Games Workshop’s US Games Day. Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago Illinois. July 30th, 2011

Shot by: David “Commissar” Ploss for and Black Library.


0:00-0:10:00 – Pregame debauchery (not really debauchery…)

1:22:00 – New and Noteworthy titles. Spotlight on BL features.

4:20:00 – Author Introductions

4:35:00 – Question 1: Availability of BL Books on Kindle and other various devices.

5:20:00 – Question 2: Upcoming Print on Demand titles?

7:10:00 – Question 3: GD first-timer inquires which Books/series each author has written, then asks them to pick their favorite book!

12:20:00 – Question 4: Possible secrets revealed soon in the Horus Heresy sereis?

13:20:00 – Question 5: If you could have miniatures made of any of your characters, which would you choose?

14:30:00 – Question 6: Are there any plans for future Black Library inspired miniatures?

15:25:00 – Question 7: As BL authors, do you get to pick what you write about?

20:10:00 – Question 8: Anything you can say about continuations of the Dark Angels storyline? (Horus Heresy)

21:38:00 – Question 9: Whom do you reference based on precedence regarding writing about various factions?

24:35:00 – Question 10: Where does Deliverance Lost fit into the timeline of the Horus Heresy series?

27:11:00 – Question 11: Is there interaction between BL authors and the codex writers/game developers?

32:15:00 – Question 12: Has anyone had a plot idea get flat-out rejected?

37:21:00 – Question 13: Is there any bit from the back-catalogue you would like to revisit or expand upon?

39:25:00 – Question 14: Are there attempts to line up the releases of books with releases on the hobby side?

42: 34:00 – Question 15: Deadlines? Good or Bad?

44:50:00 – Question 16: Any hints of Clint breaking into 40k more soundly?

45:44:00 – Question 17: Any chance of a novelization of the Space Marines video game from THQ?

47:35:00 – Question 18: What sort of sources do you use as reference material/inspiration for your books?

51:00:00 thru. End Credits

thanks for watching! i hope you enjoyed it!

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