A Couple of Updates

ok folks. :) I’ve got a few updates for you all and you may be wondering why you’ve not seen any reviews for at least a week now.  Don’t worry.

I’m currently in the process of reading a few novels for review. Salvation’s Reach, Path of the Seer, The Legend of Adam Caine, Blood of Anaerion, The Crown of the Conqueror, Germline, Evil Ways. And, Atlas Infernal.

And on top of that, i’m under a brand new deadline for another short story of mine, so i’ve got plenty of writing to do as well…


etc, etc, etc. lol

good times. We’ve also got some stuff going on behind the scenes as well. TFF will be getting a facelift and new domain. :) and we’re getting a new Logo soon! so, on that note, i’ll see you soon with another review.

btw, Bane of Kings is on “vacation” for a short time, that’s why he’s not posting either. lol

Commissar Ploss

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