Aaron Dembski-Bowden: Married? or Trapped?

Nah! just kidding. Aaron Dembski-Bowden is not trapped. He’s Married!!! Aaron and his fiance Katie Brunt, tied the knot two days ago. :) Being friends of mine, i would like to extend to them my heaviest and most inescapable blessings! I would have been there (since Aaron asked so politely in one email: “Hey you tall, right-wing monster! Are you coming to the wedding?”) but alas, my government is notoriously slow with their passport renewals… fuckers. As such i seemed to have missed Aaron’s quote, “best day of his life thus far!” Which has clearly usurped his previous choice of the weekend of AdeptiCon 2010, wherein he and I drank copious amounts of alcohol and had a “killer” time, then Aaron declaring it as “The best weekend of my life!”

Not to say that i’m jealous… alright, maybe just a little. But i soooo wanted to sit at table Nostramo!  Yes, i’m thoroughly jealous that i wasn’t there to witness the day one of my good friends lost his freedoms. Signed his life away in blood on the dotted line. Because i know that beautiful pixie of his (Katie, you’re a doll!) will never let him leave alive. And rightly so! 

I’ve got to make it a point to go and visit them one of these years… Since i’m unsure when they’ll be back to my neck of the woods. They’ll be stunned, slightly frightened, and intrigued to see an Astartes walking up to their front door being tailed by the trotting, cheerful company of Loken, the family menace.  They’ll then realize it’s just me, and that Aaron can put his shotgun away. lol  Ah, good times will be had.

Once again, i miss you guys, and wish you all the happiness in the world! Have fun in Bruges you two!


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