Yep, we’re on Facebook…

Well gang, seems it was high time i finally set up a Facebook page for The Founding Fields!
This’ll give you all; the fans, a chance to tell me you hate me and why. :) An “open forum” so to speak. If you’ve got something to say about TFF, say it! i welcome any and all discussion. Do you want me to write an article about something? please, let me know! I’m willing to answer any questions you have, outside of astrophysics and organic chemistry. I’m still rough on those subjects. lol  Is there a book you’ve seen you want us to review? is there an author on FB who’s work you really really like? Send them our way! I’m sure we can works something out. :)

You’ll also be seeing the usual updates on the FB page as well, when i publish something here, we’ll throw a link up on the FB page.

NOw you’re probably wondering how you can see this marketing masterpiece of mine? well now, that’s as simple as throwing a hamster in a microwave oven! Just point and click!  You can either search in the search box above your profile on FB for “The Founding Fields” or you can just click this link HERE.

Like us and be sure to check back. You can be sure we’ll be having some giveaways that are FB fan exclusives. hehehe that’s just the kind of baiting bastard i am. lol


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