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There have been some great comments surrounding ADB’s latest published book Helsreach. It’s clearly enthralled Loki over at Rites of Battle.  Here’s what he had to say about the book so far…

So I have been enthralled by a new purchase of mine. After a trip to the bustling city of Indianapolis, I snagged Black Library’s Helsreach novel. It is the first time I have ever purchased a book from the 40k universe… and I must say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences and best reads I’ve had since the old Halo novels came out.

Helsreach covers the Black Templars during their time in the Armageddon campaign, and more specifically it follows Grimaldus during his rise to the rank of Reclusiarch and his actions on the surface of the industrial world.

I have had a hard time putting this one down, and even though I am a slow reader, it has been simply amazing so far, and I haven’t even reached the conflict yet. Black Library has really done a beautiful job capturing the feeling of the universe, and I feel like I have gotten a more intimate understanding of the Grimaldus character. I own the model, and will more than likely be painting it soon after this read… not to mention this book had a hefty hand in shaping my list for an upcoming tournament (Guess which HQ I’ll be using [along with the Emperor’s Champion of course :P]).

If this book is anything like the others, and I would assume it is, they are defiantly worth the price tag. If you know of a book Black Library has done concerning your army of choice, I would highly recommend them if nothing else to get a great first hand feeling of what makes your army tick. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them here. Till then, I must get back to the book. I’m stoked to see this war start!


Clearly he hasn’t actually gotten into the meat of the book yet, but as he’ll soon find out, it only gets better from there out.  With a few side tangents to other minor characters, most notably a acolyte aboard one of the Legio Invictus titans, which almost catch you by surprise, it still finishes in a grand way.  Cheers to ADB on a great book, one i’ve read multiple times now, and cheers to Loki for sharing his feelings on it.


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