October POD Release – Lord of the Night

Howdy folks,

I’ve gotten wind that the Black Library will be releasing a classic title from Simon Spurrier in Print On Demand format this October.  Lord of the night will be October’s release.  Chances are there will be new cover artwork for this as well, seeing as the POD range has had some variations in its cover work.  Of course, it could just simply be a reprint of the book, which is fine as well.  My thoughts are that the original cover just don’t fit the current feel of the Night Lords (ADB, and Sullivan’s vision). 

Here’s a look at the original cover from the Black Library website:

It’s nice, but like i said, i don’t think it quite fits with the current, and probably most recognized, vision of the Night Lords.  Lord of the Night’s release is slated for October.

There is to be a Warhammer anthology released in September, but i’m still awaiting confirmation on its contents and title.  I’ll update you all when i have that information.



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