New Page – TFF Booklist

We’ve added a new page here on TFF.  Its a booklist that features all of the books mentioned here on The Founding Fields. 
If you are interested in purchasing any of the books that you read about here on TFF, i encourage you to buy them from our booklist shop.  Its powered by Amazon, which is generally where you can find the best price. 

As we post and discuss about more titles, you will see those titles appear in the Booklist.  You don’t have to buy them, but i encourage you to.  The percentage that we make from every purchase goes right back into TFF and its fees, as well as helping us fund our expeditions to book conventions and shows, so that we can bring you the latest news and updates from the world of Fiction.  I hope to be able to travel to a few conventions soon, as they are the best place to conduct interviews with our favorite authors.  In fact, i had the opportunity to get into the US Baltimore Gamesday for Games Workshop this year, but alas, i lacked the funds to be able to travel out that way.  It can get expensive.  But hopefully, with your help, i’ll be able to save up enough to go back next year.  I had the opportunities to get interviews lined up with each of the authors that were going to be present this year, but the numbers just didn’t work out.

So i encourage you to have a look at the TFF Booklist and purchase the books that you want.  Some of the books on the list are not available yet, but you can preorder them form the Booklist and they will be shipped to you a while before they become publicly available.  The link has been added to the bar under the header at the top of the page.   Or you can click here:  TFF Booklist.



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